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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Sisters and Lies by Bernice Barrington

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Review by Suze
Rachel and Evie grew up in Ireland, but Evie is now living in London. When Rachel gets a phone call from the police she travels there straight away. Evie crashed her boyfriend's car and is now in a coma. Only Evie doesn't drive and Rachel thought she was single. Slowly she starts to retrace her sister's steps. She tries to find out more about her sister's life, so she can discover the cause of the crash. Evie had a lot of secrets and Rachel wonders how well she actually knows her sister. What happened to Evie and will she ever wake up to tell the story?
Sisters and Lies is a gripping story about two sisters who are very different. Rachel is the pretty, confident sister who knows what she's doing. Evie is insecure about her looks, about her talents and about relationships. They are beautiful women, inside and out. I loved how Bernice Barrington gives both of them a distinct and equally compelling voice. I'm a big fan of stories about sisters and this is a really good one. Rachel and Evie are intriguing main characters. Their relationship is interesting, they have plenty of secrets, but they've also got a close connection. Their thoughts and feelings are being described in a vivid way. There's a lot of depth and I loved peeling off the numerous fascinating layers.
Sisters and Lies is a thrilling story. I felt like I needed to be on my guard the whole time I was reading. I didn't want to miss one single detail and I kept having the feeling that something was about to happen. There are many fabulous twists and turns and Bernice Barrington managed to surprise me plenty of times. The story is fast-paced and it kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. The ending is great and fitting. I enjoyed reading this fantastic and fascinating thriller very much and highly recommend it.


  1. Were the sisters close as they grew up? I understand what it's like to be called to help with far-away family when you're not really part of their lives anymore.

  2. I like reading stories about sisters.

  3. Sounds intense!