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Monday, March 28, 2016

Jessie Kasper by Bradon Nave

About the Author

I live in Piedmont, Oklahoma with my wife and our two children. I have always loved writing, and finally decided to go for it. With the amazing resources available for emerging authors, it only makes sense to take advantage of them.

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Review by Anniek

Jessie Kasper is a cute and sweet teenager. Ever since he lost his mother and his brother to cancer he has developed an irrational fear of getting this disease himself. Whenever he thinks that he has found a lump or when he has pain anywhere he gets severe anxiety attacks. With the help the doctor he sees every month and his psychiatrist he's trying to overcome his grief and his fears.

Kacey is a girl who has to deal with her own loss. She lost her father in a car accident and still has to work through her pain and sadness. To get away from a toxic environment she and her mother move, so that they can be closer to family. Kacey is the new girl at school but she quickly makes friends with Jessie and his group.

 Jessie and Kacey are both fractured, but can they be whole together?

I loved the dynamics in this book. Jessie and his father are really close. After everything that happened they find peace and security with each other. They stand by one another no matter what. It broke my heart to read about Jessie’s struggles. This story is so raw and pure. The emotions found their way to my heart and made me read this story almost in one sitting.

Even though Bradon Nave writes about dark and sad events this story is fast-paced and is really hard to put down. The ending left me speechless, I didn't see it coming at all. Bradon Nave is an author who everyone should be watching. I personally can’t wait for the next book to come out, so I can find out how the story will continue.


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