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Saturday, March 19, 2016

It Must Have Been the Mistletoe and A Merry Mistletoe Wedding by Judy Astley

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Review by Suze
Thea's parents have made plans for one final Christmas as a family. They're about to split up, so things are going to change and they want to have everyone together one more time. Thea has recently been through something traumatic and is newly single, so she doesn't have anyone she can bring. She finally has the chance to be herself though. Her brother and sister both have a family of their own, so there are plenty of people to spend the holidays with. They're staying in a big house by the sea and there's a lot of delicious food. There are some unexpected guests though as the partners of both of Thea's parents invited themselves.
The atmosphere might not be what everyone expected, but it isn't such a bad Christmas. There's the special magic of mistletoe, there's enough to drink and there's unexpected snow. It's a strange family Christmas with many surprises and Thea might get the biggest one of them all...
It Must Have Been the Mistletoe is a fun and festive story. I loved the idea of a big dysfunctional family Christmas in a gorgeous house by the sea. It has disaster written all over it and it definitely made me laugh. I like it when Christmas stories are happy and cheerful and this is a really good one. There are some unexpected twists and turns and the ending is lovely and romantic. I enjoyed reading this amazing story very much.
Amazon USA Amazon UK
Review by Suze
Thea and Sean want to get married and they want to do it on Christmas Day. They want a small and cozy wedding. There will be a few guests and it's supposed to become a fun and relaxing day. Unfortunately not everything is going according to plan. It isn't easy to talk things through when you live miles apart and some unexpected surprises from the past are making things difficult. Thea's sister is also causing trouble. Will Thea have a happy wedding after all or has she made another mistake in love?
A Merry Mistletoe Wedding isn't as funny as It Must Have Been the Mistletoe, but it is a wonderful sweet story. Because it's mostly about the months before the wedding it can easily be read at any time of year. I enjoyed this story a lot, especially the ending which is very romantic. It was nice to read another story about Thea and her family. I loved finding out more about all the different characters. I think Judy Astley has written a really lovely sequel.
What I like about Judy Astley's writing is that it flows easily. She has a great sense of humor and she knows how to make her characters come to life. I enjoy reading about big family Christmases and love an amusing feel good story. I could read happy holiday stories all the time. I highly recommend this wonderful book. This entertaining Christmas story is great for cheering up and it's perfect for any fan of merry Christmas reads.


  1. Aw this sounds like such a nice read, and humour is always so important to me! :) I might have to give this one and It Must Have Been the Mistletoe a read! :)

  2. *enters room sheepishly with megaphone*
    A . . . hem
    *steps onto pedestal*
    *sheepishly leaves room*

  3. Every family Christmas seems to be dysfunctional in some ways, so it's definitely possible to relate!

  4. These sound charming!