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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

In Real Life by Jessica Love

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Review by Suze
Hannah and Nick have been best friends for four years. Their friendship is unusual, because they've never actually met. They speak on the phone regularly, they chat online and they send each other presents, but there's never been a real life meeting. Hannah wants nothing more than to see Nick, but she's also scared and therefore previous plans have been cancelled. When she finally has the opportunity to travel to Vegas together with her sister and best friend she decides to surprise him. However, when she arrives there's one thing she hasn't counted on, Nick has a girlfriend and he hasn't told Hannah about her. His girlfriend isn't the only thing he's lied about and Hannah wonders who the real Nick is. Is he the guy she fell in love with and will she get the chance to find out now that he has someone else?
In Real Life is a light and fun read. Hannah is a good girl. She doesn't drink, she's smart and she always listens to her parents. The trip to Vegas is something that's completely out of her comfort zone. She wants to be in control, but it's hard to manage because she isn't good at dealing with problems. She's a sweet person, but she's also quite naïve and she still has a lot to learn. The trip isn't what she expected and she learns many new things about herself in a short period of time, but doesn't have the good time she wanted to have. There's an important lesson she has to learn though and I liked that idea.
In Real Life is a nice and simple love story. I enjoyed reading about the trip and about everything Vegas has to offer. There are plenty of surprising scenes. This fast-paced read is definitely entertaining. The main characters are all nice and they have distinct personalities. The setting is great and I liked the amount of drama. In Real Life is a cute teenage romance about taking risks, music, friendship and love. This book is perfect for readers who are looking for something sweet and relaxing.

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