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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Ideal Girl by Jenny O'Brien

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Review by Anniek
Research states that Liddy is the ideal girl. Liddy is an Irish nurse. She is passionate about her work and is loving and kind. Her best friend is actively searching for her mister Right, but ever since Liddy's dad left Liddy and her mother she's only focused on her job. When she literally knocks over a professor at the hospital, Mitch Merrien, her luck might be changing. Mitch works hard at the hospital. He's a professor and he has also set up a recovery centre where people can stay until they are fit to go home again. Liddy is not his type of girl at all, but he can't seem to shake off his need to see her and be with her.

When a patient dies and her cat needs saving Liddy and Mitch take over this responsibility. They are naming the cat Lucky because that is exactly what he is, being found just in time. Mitch takes Lucky home and hopes he can persuade Liddy to see him in a different light as well.

After a horrific accident Liddy falls back into old habits and shuts down from the people around her. What will it take to get her back on her feet again? Her best friend Sorcha is not taking no for an answer and is determined to bring Liddy home.

I love to read about romance so it was an easy choice for me to pick up Ideal Girl. The characters are all believable and they just take over your heart while you are reading. Liddy is such a sweetheart, but she is so insecure. She puts thoughts in her head that are not true and therefore makes wrong decisions. I felt for her when she was fighting to get herself sorted out.

Jenny O'Brien did a great job creating a story that will let you go through all sorts of emotions. You will laugh and be shocked but you will also feel the love. This book is an easy read and it's perfect to read during your holiday or on a beautiful sunny day. If you love the genre you will fly through the pages.


  1. I love that there's a cat at the heart of this book!

  2. I'm definitely intrigued!


  3. I'd like to see how Liddy's & Mitch's relationship plays out.