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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Honey Hill House by Lisa Ireland

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Review by Suze
Dulili needs new inhabitants. It's a small countryside town and most of the young people have moved away. They need new residents and that's why a special committee is offering houses to carefully selected people that cost $1 per week. Bea is ready for a change. After a nasty divorce she moves to Dulili to start over. She has plans to start a B&B. There's a lot of work that needs to be done, but Honey Hill House is perfect for what she wants to achieve. Bea immediately loves the town and she feels right at home. She's been through a lot and has the idea that she finally has a chance at happiness.
Mitch likes Bea straight away. He isn't looking for love though. He still has a broken heart and doesn't want that to happen ever again. Bea is Mitch's neighbor and they see each other regularly. They develop an easy friendship, but they both want to keep their distance at the same time. When Bea is in trouble Mitch wants to help her though. Their closeness is frightening, but it can also be healing. Are they ready to take that step?
Honey Hill House is the second book in the A Dollar for a Dream series. I love the idea of the stunning small town that needs new people. It's fun that different authors are contributing and I love seeing the same town through different eyes. Lisa Ireland's descriptions are vivid and I could easily picture the amazing landscape and the cozy B&B. Bea and Mitch are both wonderful people. They're strong and they're caring. I enjoyed seeing the developments in their blossoming friendship and sympathized with everything they were going through. I wanted nothing more than to see these two sweet people happy.
Lisa Ireland has a nice and easy flowing writing style. She also writes about a sensitive topic in a sympathetic and truthful way. I admire the way she describes Bea's feelings and her insecurities. It's very impressive and I think she's added a beautiful layer of depth to the story. Honey Hill House is a great book and I enjoyed reading it very much.

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