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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Fabulous Freebie: Be My Love by Bella Andre (writing as Lucy Kevin)

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Review by Anniek
After being on the mainland for a couple of years Hanna returns to Walker Island. Her teacher told her to make a documentary that comes from the heart. Hanna Walker is determined to do just that. For as long as she can remember Hanna's family, the Walkers, are having a feud with the Petersons. She wants the documentary to be about that feud, hoping that maybe all the hatred on both sides can be put to rest.
Joel Peterson runs his large family business, but is also a member of the Walker Island council. When Hanna puts in a request to look into the old Island documents Joel says no. He isn't willing to let her dig around and drag his family through the mud with her documentary. Only he doesn't count on the fact that Hanna isn't backing down.
When Hanna proposes to do the documentary together Joel agrees, so he can be certain that the documentary will be honest and that it won't be used to discredit him and his family. Something surprising happens though, they weren't expecting to feel attracted to each other at all. Will they be able to forget about the past and find a way to be together? During their search for the truth secrets come to light. Will they be the end of this long lasting feud?
Bella Andre has written this book as Lucy Kevin. Because she has a very recognizable writing style you instantly know that it's hers. The scenery of the Island gives me a homely feel. Walker Island sounds like a place I could happily live. On an Island everyone knows everything and anything. I like reading about a close community like that.
The making of the documentary and the search for the truth is like a treasure hunt. It is exciting and I couldn't wait to find out what really happened. This story is beautifully written and the island mesmerized me. While I was reading I could almost feel the wind and water on my face. Be My Love is a perfect choice if you want to be pulled into a beautiful story about family, hidden secrets and love.

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