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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Competing With The Star by Krysten Lindsay Hager

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Review by Suze
Hadley's life seems to be a lot better now that she's living in Grand Haven. She has several great new friends, she can see her grandparents and favorite aunt as often as she likes and she also has a boyfriend, Nick. Nick is a great guy, he's handsome and he's sweet. He and Hadley are really good friends as well and they can talk about anything. Their relationship isn't perfect though, because Hadly isn't the only girl who likes Nick. There are several other girls who would love to date him. One of them is former TV star Simone Hendrickson. How can Hadley compete with someone who's famous, who looks perfect and who used to be Nick's biggest crush?
Krysten Lindsay Hager's stories are always realistic. Everything that happens could have actually happened in real life. Things are never over the top and they don't have to be. She writes about friendship, first boyfriends and the good and bad sides of life in a beautiful way. Hadley is kind and caring and the same goes for Nick. He loves his grandfather very much and there's an amazing scene in a retirement home that brought tears to my eyes. There's a good balance between happy and sad moments which keeps the story genuine. 
 Hadley is a little bit insecure and dealing with friend and boyfriend trouble is tough. Especially since she hasn't had much time to decide where her loyalties lie because she's just moved to a new town. Believing either the guy you like or the girl you look up to isn't an easy decision and it was interesting to see what she would do. Sometimes it's a struggle to grow up, especially when there are so many new impressions and people to connect with. I liked the subject and Krysten Lindsay Hager's vivid way of writing makes the story come to life really well.
Competing With The Star is the second book in a series. I advise you to read Next Door To A Star first. It isn't a must, but it makes you understand the story a little bit better. It was fun to read more about the same characters. I love this series and highly recommend it to both teenagers and adults. For me Krysten Lindsay Hager's books always mean a wonderful trip down memory lane.