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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Change of Plans by Mila Rossi

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Review by Anniek
Sarah is a hardworking student. She never dates because she spends all of her time on her research. Ever since she was a young girl her mother taught her that Sarah needed to grow up as a respected young woman to find a good husband with enough money. Sarah has done everything in her power to show her mother that she wants to make something of herself. Leading the life she has Sarah finds herself a virgin at the age of 25.
When her friend takes her to an office party Sarah has one goal, find a one night stand and lose her virginity. As soon as Jason walks into the room Sarah knows she has found the one who is going to help her. Jason has no idea that Sarah has never been with a guy before. He is very attracted to Sarah and he already booked a room in the hotel. He wanted to be prepared for a potential hookup.
He gets the shock of his life when he finds out Sarah's secret. Jason drops her off at the party as soon as he can and leaves immediately.
When their paths cross again Jason has to admit that he cannot forget her. He thinks about her all the time. Jason has been an MMA fighter and after hurting his knee he now trains other fighters. He is badass, an alpha male who has never been worried about a girl before. How come he finds himself following Sarah around and trying to convince her to give their one-night stand another try?
Mila Rossi has written a great story and I liked Sarah right away. She's a researcher all the way and that is exactly how she approaches losing her virginity and having sex. She is driving Jason insane with her down-to-earth statements and I laughed out loud about how confused he was because of her. Change of Plans is refreshing and different. I loved this angle of a romantic story and was flying through the pages. Mila Rossi is definitely an author I will keep following.  


  1. Thank you so much for reading my book Anniek! Love your blog. :-)

  2. I really respected Sarah for being a virgin at 25. In this era, that's something that a lot of people can't claim.

  3. Not crazy about alpha male tropes, but Sarah sounds like a cool heroine!


  4. There's nothing like a romance story involving an alpha male.