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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Bright Stars by Sophie Duffy

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Review by Suze
Cameron has moved back in with his father. He has problems with his wife and has lost his job because of an unfortunate incident. His student years are far behind him, but they come to the surface again when he receives a letter from his old friend Christie. She now lives in Canada and has a successful career. They used to be a group of four, but Cameron hasn't seen his university friends in twenty-five years. He was the quiet shy one in the group. Christie used to be outgoing and she was really pretty. Tommo was the rock star who could get away with everything and Bex was the cute activist. Bex is the love of Cameron's life, but she's with Tommo and Cameron never stood a chance. Will Cameron be ready to see them again? They didn't part on good terms, something tragic happened and that messed up their friendship forever. Can he let go of the past or does the reappearance of his old friends make his present even more difficult than it already is?
Bright Stars is a beautiful story about a shy student who doesn't feel at ease with anyone. Cameron is smart, but he's awkward. He loves Bex very much, but when Tommo makes his move he can't do anything against it. I was really curious to find out what happened between the four students. Sophie Duffy tells her story in such an impressive way. She gives the reader tiny pieces of information in every chapter. She slowly builds the suspense which I loved. Bright Stars isn't fast-paced, it's a fabulous present you get to unwrap bit by bit until something stunning appears. It broke my heart to read what actually happened. It brought tears to my eyes. The story is really good and the finale is both shocking and surprising, I couldn't believe what I was reading.
Bright Stars is one of those brilliant novels that will stay with you for a very long time. I keep thinking about the story and can't get it out of my head. I instantly loved Cameron. He isn't perfect, but he's very real. I felt protective of him and was hoping someone would rescue him, but instead he has to learn to survive on his own, which sometimes is terrifying to witness. I loved how close I could get to him, how Sophie Duffy gives her readers the chance to see into his soul. She is such a great writer, I really enjoyed her elegant style. Bright Stars is impressive, it's fascinating, it's moving, gripping and absolutely fantastic.

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