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Monday, February 15, 2016

You're Still the One by Rachel Harris

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Review by Suze
Arabella's father is an important person in the music industry. Arabella doesn't want people to see her as someone who can only work in with musicians because her father is famous. That's why she wants to move away from Nashville for the summer to make it on her own. She will be working with Charlie, who's a member of a band signed by Arabella's father. Charlie has a recording studio and Arabella wants to prove she isn't just her father's daughter, but a valuable new member of the industry.
Arabella has a bucket list. She's made a list of all the fun things she'd like to do during her summer of independence. Kissing her teenage crush Charlie is on that list. They share a moment, but they agree that their professional life has to come before their personal life. Only when the attraction grows will they be able to stick to that? They just have the summer together, but during a few months a lot can happen...
Arabella is insecure at first. She was an awkward teenager, but she's turned into a beautiful woman. She thinks people only like her because of her father, but slowly her confidence grows. I liked that about this novel. She finds out what she's worth and she's doing it mostly on her own. She keeps getting stronger and that's great to read about. Charlie is a womanizer, or he used to be as he wants to change. He's such a kind and caring guy, he's the perfect main character for a romantic story. There's also a worthy charity involved, teenage depression is an important topic and I liked that it got so much attention.
You're Still the One is a fun and cute story. It's a quick and light read and it's definitely entertaining. The main characters are good together and I loved the bucket list. There are only feasible goals on it and I think it's a wonderful idea to make one that isn't for life, but for an important period in life instead. Arabella has a lot of daring goals to achieve. Together with Charlie she might pull it off. Their amazing friendship makes the story very sweet, something I really enjoyed.

1 comment:

  1. I really like that Arabella was still crushing on her friend from her teenage years. Although stories like this aren't very realistic, I like a little mind candy now and then.