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Sunday, February 7, 2016

With Every Breath by Lia Riley

Review by Suze
To get a much desired job at an adventure magazine Auden is prepared to do something that’s completely out of her comfort zone. She travels to Patagonia to La Aguja, a beautiful and challenging mountain to climb. She’s there to write a story that will give her a chance to make her dream come true. Auden doesn’t have much climbing experience and after making a big mistake she has to ask for help. Rhys is the one who’s there for her. He’s kind, but also hard to read. Rhys has a past, something every journalist wants to write about and he isn’t happy he’s just met one. He’s survived an awful climbing accident and didn’t come out as the good guy. He’s troubled by guilt and darkness. Even though he’s an experienced climber, he needs Auden as much as she needs him…

Lia Riley is great at telling stories about people who have a troubled past. Her main characters never have it easy and family plays an important role in her books. I like how she has a signature style that’s easy to recognize. She digs deep into the psyche of her main characters, which gives the reader the chance to get to know them through and through. That’s what makes her books so good. I love how she describes Rhys’s guilt, his relationship with his brother, his problems with expressing his feelings and his love for climbing. Auden has a twin sister who makes things difficult for her and who has always defined who she is. It was amazing to see her become her own person.

I loved the survival aspect of this book. I could picture the tent, the mountains and the bad weather very well. It’s an amazing setting with plenty of great options and interesting opportunities. There are some pretty hot scenes in this book and I liked the chemistry between Auden and Rhys. Most of the sex scenes have some kind of key role in the story. I think With Every Breath is a fantastic book and I highly recommend it.

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  1. Doesn't the guy on the cover remind you of Paul Walker?