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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

We Are All Made of Stars by Rowan Coleman

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Review by Suze
Since her husband Vincent lost his leg while he was on an army mission Stella's marriage has been unstable. They're growing apart and she doesn't know how to stop is. Stella is running, from home to work and back again. She works during the night as a hospice nurse. She also writes letters for her patients. One of them is Grace. Grace has a secret and she wants Stella to write a letter to make things right. She helps other people, but can Stella also fix her own life?
Hope has Cystic Fibrosis and is very sick because of an infection that nearly kills her. She's at the hospice to regain strength. Fortunately her best friend Ben is always by her side. He's her sunshine, the person who makes her happy. They shared one beautiful kiss, but was that a mistake?
Hugh has new neighbors, a single mother and her son. He's always working in a museum, doing research. He's mostly on his own, except when he finds a woman to share some time with. Slowly the contact with the people next door make him see that he likes company. Maybe it's time to let someone in again?
We Are All Made of Stars is a beautiful story about life and death. I loved how living played such an important part in the story. I really liked this wonderful book. The setup is unusual. There are several voices and there are also the letters that Stella writes. I enjoyed reading all the stories, they're making this book very interesting. At the end of their lives all people have something important to say to a loved one. There's so much going on in this story. There are many different angles, questions and things to think about. It's what I love so much about this book, it makes the reader aware.
I like stories that make me feel a lot of different things. We Are All Made of Stars made me both sad and happy. There's loss, but there's also hope. I think Rowan Coleman writes about the darker side of life in a beautiful way. She honestly describes what it's like to be sick and I think she's done a very good job writing about Hope's Cystic Fibrosis. I love how Rowan Coleman describes emotions. I felt affected by everyone's story. The main characters are all amazing and I instantly got attached to them. I highly recommend this wonderful moving story.

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