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Monday, February 22, 2016

Through The Veil by Colleen Halverson

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Review by Suze
Elizabeth is a hardworking student. She has applied for a scholarship from the Trinity Foundation and is spending a lot of time on research for her thesis. She's translating a book written in old Irish. There's something strange though as the book never stays exactly the same. A visit from the Trinity people changes Elizabeth's world forever. She's suddenly a prisoner and they know more about her ancestry than she does. The people who are holding her captive don't show her much kindness. There's only one man, Finn, a commander of the trinity elite warriors, who seems to care what happens to her.
Elizabeth is now a pawn in the war between magical races. She's supposed to be very powerful, but she also doesn't know much about the world she's now living in. That's a great disadvantage. Her power can play a crucial role and others want to benefit from it, which means she's being forced into a horrific situation. Will Elizabeth be able to get out of it again? And can her life ever go back to normal now that she has all that new information about her lineage?
Through The Veil is a great story about a student who's half Fae and half human. Working with a magical manuscript is only the beginning of a series of terrible events. Elizabeth is strong and resourceful and she doesn't lose her head in a difficult situations. She's a fabulous and powerful heroine. Finn is a sweet guy, but his hands are tied. He can't be there for Elizabeth all the time and they learn about the consequences of that the hard way. Some of the scenes are awful and dark. There are plenty of creepy and cruel characters who are making life difficult for Elizabeth. The story is an interesting adrenaline rush and I loved reading about the different worlds and their inhabitants.
Colleen Halverson's world building is really good. I could easily picture everything she describes. There's a lot of action in this story and it's never boring. Things go from bad to worse, but Elizabeth is resilient and she keeps plotting her escape. There's a depressing part that almost breaks Elizabeth, I both loved and hated it. Fortunately Elizabeth can handle a lot and this part gives the story some extra depth. I'm curious to read more about Elizabeth and can't wait to see where her next journey will bring her. I really enjoyed reading this fast-paced fantasty book and I think Through The Veil is amazing.

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