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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Witches of Cambridge by Menna Van Praag

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Review by Suze
Amandine is an empath, she can sense what other people are feeling. Her mother Heloise is a witch as well. She's lost her husband and has been consumed by grief ever since. Together with George and Kat, two other professors, they form the Cambridge University Society of Literature and Witchcraft. Amandine's new student Noa knows people's secrets. She has to speak out loud and share them and unfortunately she can't stop herself. She wants nothing more than to be cured of this as she doesn't have a social life because nobody likes her. When someone offers her the chance to get rid of it she takes it, but nothing is ever without consequences... 
Kat's sister Cosima is also a witch. While Kat's magic is in numbers Cosima's talent is food. She is the most fantastic baker and runs a successful restaurant. She only has one big wish and she's willing to do everything she can to make it come true. Kat has warned her not to use magic for her own benefit, but Cosima's wish is too strong. She's taking her chances and tries something anyway. Will she be all right?
While at first Kat, George and Amandine had such peaceful lives, now all of a sudden there is trouble. The question is if they'll be able to handle it. The Witches of Cambridge is such a fantastic story. I loved all the enchanting characters. They have interesting powers and talents. I read this book in one sitting as I was so curious to find out more about them. I love books about witches and stories about sisters, so couldn't wait to read this story. I like how Menna Van Praag tells her stories. She has a great writing style and a wonderful way with words. It's easy to follow and really beautiful. Her stories are filled with magic while they also feel very real at the same time.
Menna van Praag's main characters are always special. They aren't perfect though, they all have their flaws, which makes them more human. She writes about unique people. The Witches of Cambridge is a gripping read with a lot of fascinating twists and turns. I enjoyed reading about Cosima's cooking very much. The descriptions of her food are mouthwatering and I kept wishing I could visit her restaurant to taste some of her creations. Fortunately there are some recipes at the end of the book.
The Witches of Cambridge is a story about friendship, family, love and loss. There are quite a few difficulties and obstacles. Not every character can deal with his or her problems very well, but there's always someone who cares. That makes this story so heartwarming. If you like Magical Realism you will definitely love this book. I think it's amazing and highly recommend it.