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Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Secret of Joy by Melissa Senate

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Review by Suze
 Rebecca is a paralegal who likes her life in New York reasonably well. She works as a paralegal and has a good job, but lately there are some problems. She's living together with Michael. Their relationship is safe, but not passionate. Just before her beloved father passes away he tells her a secret. Rebecca has a half-sister named Joy. She always wanted to have a sister, so Rebecca decides to leave the city to find her sister. Joy lives in Wiscasset and Rebecca rents a room there. She has fantasies of a wonderful and warm reunion, but Joy isn't very welcoming. Rebecca is determined though and she keeps trying. Joy eventually invites her to accompany her on one of her singles tours, which she organizes for a living. Slowly they start talking, but it isn't easy to connect, not at all...
Rebecca finally has the time to think about her life in New York. Something is missing in both her professional and her personal life. When she meets Theo, a local carpenter, there is a spark. Only Rebecca isn't supposed to stay. She values his friendship and loves spending time with him. She's getting a whole new life in Wiscasset and because of that becomes harder and harder to leave. Joy doesn't want her there and Michael keeps pressuring her to come back. What will be Rebecca's decision? Will Joy defrost or is a connection with her sister out of the question?
I love Melissa Senate's books because her writing is so warm and open. I immediately loved Rebecca. She's such a sweet and generous person. I kept wishing she'd have a better life. Joy has a lot of personal problems and having a sister in her life all of a sudden is one too many. Even though she's unkind to Rebecca at first I liked her very much. She's tough and honest, but she's also caring. The divorced women, who are Joy's friends as well as clients, are such a fun addition to the story. Melissa Senate has a great sense of humor.
The Secret of Joy is a wonderful story about relationships, love and acceptance. There is a clear message, you should chase your dreams and fight for what you believe in. I liked that very much. I love how I felt committed to the story. Love isn't always straightforward and I kept hoping the main characters would see sense or would find the person they belong with. Relationships, friends and family are important and Melissa Senate writes about them in an amazing way. I'm a big fan of books about sisters and this is such a great one. I highly recommend this fantastic book.

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  1. Wow, I can't imagine finding out that you have a sibling when you're an adult. It would be a big emotional roller coaster!