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Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Girls by Lisa Jewell

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Review by Suze

After a terrible incident caused by their father Pip and Grace have to move together with their mother Clare. They move into an apartment in Virginia Terrace. There's a big communal garden which sounds ideal. There are also children of Pip and Grace's age. Grace fits right in. She has friends, she finds a boyfriend she's crazy about and all of a sudden she's a teenager with secrets. Pip misses her father and she prefers to stay at home, she doesn't want to spend all of her time with the other children in the garden. Then something awful happens to Grace in the garden and the safe place they thought they'd found has turned into a nightmare all of a sudden.

Adele loves her apartment in Virginia Crescent. She's homeschooling her three girls and she's happy with her husband Leo. He's very popular among the girls and other mothers in the garden. Adele loves her unique family. From the start she tries to include Clare and her two daughters. Everything is going well until that awful day in the garden. What exactly happened to Grace?

The Girls is a thrilling read about a family that has experienced something tragic. The book starts with Pip who finds an unconscious Grace in the garden. I think it's a great choice to start with the most impressive scene. I had to find out what happened to Grace and couldn't put the book away. I loved the idea of the communal garden. It's a fascinating and unusual setting. Lisa Jewell tells the story from different points of view that are all equally intriguing.

This story kept me on the edge of my seat. I loved Pip, she's such a sweet girl. Most of the characters are a bit strange, which I liked a lot. I love it when a story is different. There are so many questions and when the truth finally comes to light it's quite shocking. The ending is fantastic. I highly recommend this amazing read. It's something different and I think the book really stands out.


  1. Sounds good love to read.

  2. This title is on my TBR. I'm really looking forward to reading and reviewing it.