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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

That Night by Lisa McManus

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Review by Anniek
Luke and Jessica have been a couple for a while now, but lately things aren't working out. On Saturday there was a party. Luke didn't want to go but he went anyway for Jessica. Luke goes home early leaving Jessica at the party. They have decided to take a little break.
When Luke comes to school on Monday people look at him like he has done something really awful. They are whispering behind his back or are in his face with accusations. Confused he is looking for Jessica only to find out she is not at school. Desperate for answers Luke turns to his best friend. He is blown away when he hears the rumors that go around. During that day Luke's world is falling apart. The teachers have a conversation with him and he is treated like he has a contagious decease. Luke knows that the only way he'll get to know the full truth is through Jessica.
Jessica had been mentally unstable for a while but she hid it well. During the party she has a few drinks too many and becomes very susceptible for the lies told by others. Her phone is taken away without her knowing it and someone has taken pictures of her meltdown. To make matters worse these pictures are also placed on social media for everybody to see.
That Night really made me think about the cruelty of teenagers. Social media can be really nasty when it's used to hurt people. It shows that you can think you know someone but that you don't really know what goes on in someone's mind. Lisa McManus did an incredible job telling her story in a time frame of just one day. She captures your attention until you finally find out what actually happened That Night. This short story is perfect when you have an hour to spare. It is absolutely worth your time.


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    1. Hi bookbunny68 - thanks for the note :) Glad it might end up on your TBR pile - awesome :)

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my book and for writing the lovely review! Happy reading to you! Hugs :)