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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Romance Chat

Because it's Valentine's Day Anniek and Suze are chatting about romance. We're chatty people in general and when we talk to one another we always have plenty to discuss. So much that we never run out of topics while we do always run out of time. We're happily sharing some of our thoughts and opinions.
What's the most romantic thing that's ever happened to you? 

Anniek: My husband and I are not really romantic people but when Valentine's day is coming up you just have to think about all the minor romantic things that did took place. When we were just dating my husband always called me a few minutes before my alarm clock would go off. He wanted me to wake up hearing his voice instead of the alarm.
Every Friday I have a long day at work. I start at 09:00 in the morning and are usually back at home around 20:30 in the evening. He always makes sure that there is a glass of wine ready for me when I get home. Come to think of it maybe we are more romantic than we give ourselves credit for...
Suze: I love romance and am a very romantic person. My husband is as well. We always try to come up with new ways to surprise each other. The most romantic thing he's ever done for me is making an advent calendar with chocolates and charms for the bracelet he got me. He designed some of the charms himself and they are very special.
We have a Valentine's Day tree and my husband loves it as much as I do. I always get him a balloon for Valentine's Day. He likes them a lot. He once bought a blank T-shirt and painted it for me. I'm curious what he'll come up with this year.
What's the most romantic scene you can think of?

Anniek: I love movies, so I'm going to describe a scene from a movie I love. I know I know it is the worst cliché scene ever but the most romantic scene for me is and always will be from the Titanic. When Jack is the King of the World. I also love this movie although I am not a big fan of the ending.
Suze: As I always have a book glued to my hand I'm going to choose a scene from a book. My favorite romantic scene is from Jam and Roses by Mary Gibson. Bertie, the love of Milly's life, has a perfect job in his uncle's shop. His future is secure in a time of poverty and scarcity. He's giving it all up to be with Milly. His uncle is against their relationship, but Milly is more important. It's amazing to see how he defies his uncle and chooses love.
What's your favorite romantic couple?
Anniek: There are so many romantic (fiction) couples that come to mind. I must stick with Bella and Edward from Twilight. Even though I was team Jacob I can't deny how good they are together in the books and in the movie.
Suze: I love Toby and Tybalt from the October Daye series. A series means that the reader gets the time to get to know the main characters through and through. Toby and Tybalt are great together. They are true friends and they're always there for one another. I like the way she describes him and how far they're willing to go to have each other's backs.
What features does a romantic story have to have for you?

Anniek: A romantic story has to have love of course but also a little bit of drama. I love it when the main characters find each other again after they've made all the wrong decisions. The characters must be believable and I don't like negative people. A happily ever after is a must for me. I can't stand it when there is no happy ending.
Suze: For me the romance has to be believable. Usually there are two main characters who like each other, then something goes wrong so they have a falling out and after that they make up again. I'm a big believer of true love, but that also means that the falling out has to be about something reasonable, otherwise I won't buy the story. I'd rather see a well built up story without the falling out and even without the happy ending if that means there's true romance than a story that has been put together according to a regular pattern while something else would have been better. The romance has to be deep and convincing, I want to feel it. 
What's your favorite romantic movie?

Anniek: Deciding which romantic movie is my favorite is a tough one. I must say Dirty Dancing is a movie I loved and have watched so many times. The music completes the story and I think there is not a soul in this world who hasn't seen or heard about Dirty Dancing. Grease is also a movie that is a true classic. I am not ashamed to say I know all the songs by heart and that I will sing along out loud (very out of tune by the way) whenever I hear them on the radio.
 Suze: Casablanca. I like a good classic. It's clear from the start that in a love trio someone will get hurt. I want everyone to be happy, but there is a lot of emotion in a good love trio. I always cry at the end of the movie and every time I find myself wishing the ending will be different, even though I know that isn't possible. Which is also exactly the beauty of it.


  1. Great post. Anniek I'm also a fan of Grease and used to watch it weekly as a child. I always wanted to be Sandy.

    We aren't very romantic.

  2. A Valentine's Day tree is a great idea! I really need to watch Casablanca, I've never seen it.

  3. Wow! Nice chat! Absolutely enjoyed reading this post!