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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

More of Me by Kathryn Evans

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Review by Suze
Teva has a secret, her friends and boyfriend don't know that once a year a new Teva comes out of her. There are now eleven of them living at home. Teva doesn't have much time before the next Teva will take over her life. Fifteen, the Teva who was living her life before her, isn't happy with the situation. She doesn't want to give up her boyfriend and she's very angry with Teva for taking him from her. Teva is unhappy, she doesn't want to be stuck at home in a couple of months. Her mother only allows the newest one to live a full life.
As soon as the new Teva has taken over the older one will be stuck at the same age. Once the process is completed the old Teva will forever be the age she was when she had the chance to live Teva's life. Teva wants to live, she wants to experience things, she'd like to have a future. She's planning to go to university and she wants to have friends. She fights against the takeover and she also tries to get answers about her condition. Will she be able to find them?

More of Me is a fantastic story about a unique girl who wants to have a normal life. I love the idea of Teva. I enjoyed reading about her thoughts and feelings. It's fabulous that there's a completely new Teva coming out of her once a year who wants to live her life and who doesn't want to give that up. The new Teva isn't exactly the same as the old one, she has matured a little and she has her own personality. This means that while all Tevas share memories they aren't exact copies of each other. I think this is a fascinating theme for a book and I couldn't stop reading.

Kathryn Evans has a great writing-style which flows easily. The story is fast-paced and there's always something happening to Teva. I think it's good that she's kept Teva's secret as the big thing and made the rest of her life fairly normal, that way there's a good balance. I was intrigued from the start. Ever since I read the blurb I wanted to read this book and it doesn't disappoint. It's a really good story. More of Me is such a nice surprise, it's original, it's moving and it's gripping. I highly recommend this amazing book.

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