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Monday, February 22, 2016

Love Me, Love Me Not by Alyxandra Harvey

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Review by Suze
Ana is a member of the Vila family. They have special abilities and all females can turn into swans. They have magic in their long blonde hair and when they fall in love for the first time they get their wings. Ana's been collecting feathers for the magical cloak she gets to wear after this ritual since she was a little girl. She's convinced that Edward is the one, but what about her best friend Pierce? Pierce is special, but they're just friends, or aren't they?
It isn't easy to focus on a love life when there's a blood feud going on. The Vilas and the Renards have been fighting each other for centuries, but recently the attacks have increased. The Renards are foxes and there's a pact to keep the peace, but nobody really sticks to it. The attacks are getting more violent and Ana thinks this isn't just because of their usual conflict, but it's quite hard to make people listen, especially not when they hate each other. When Pierce becomes involved Ana suddenly has her clarity. Will she be able to get her family and best friend out of the mess with the Renards?
Love Me, Love Me Not is a great story about a girl who can turn into a swan. Ana has magic and she has her family's special abilities, but there are things that don't come natural to her. That makes her insecure about her love life and her abilities. She thinks she might never get her wings. She's unbelievably strong and she's a good fighter. She's also smart and loyal. She and Pierce are such a sweet couple, but they're just friends and Ana thinks she might never find love. Pierce always has her back though and he knows all of her secrets and keeps them. They're wonderful together.
Sometimes I felt like the story could have flowed a bit better, but because I loved the idea of swans and foxes so much I didn't really mind. I also enjoyed reading about the different families. There are three main families and two of them are large, which means there are a lot of characters, but the story never gets confusing. The swan magic is intriguing, there's a lot of action and the romance is cute. All in all I think this is a good read. I like Alyxandra Harvey's ideas and the world she's created very much.


  1. This one sounds unique. Kind of like the Swan Princess movie.

  2. Interesting that the females of the family turn into swans, but not the men.