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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Fix You by Carrie Elks

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Review by Tanya
Fix You covers the fifteen years of the life of Hanna Vincent and her friendship with Richard Larsen and his family from the the 31st of December 1999 till December 2014. At the beginning of the story Hanna lives in Putney in a small two bedroom flat with her mum Diana who runs a party planning business. Hanna is called in to act as a waitress on New Year's Eve at the house of Claire and Steven Larsen who happen to be good customers and friends of her mum. It is there that she meets Richard for the first time and also his little sister Ruby. Over the years they all become important to each other and they look at one another as family. They are there for support, especially after the destruction of the Twin Towers where both of them lost family.
I loved the immediate attraction between Hanna and Richard and how they both were reluctant to act on it. The friendship between Hanna and Ruby was such a vital part of the story and showed how important someone who is not family can become. I constantly wanted Hanna and Richard to get together and to actually stop putting up unnecessary barriers.
I liked how the book went over such a long period of time as it allowed you to really learn about the characters through normal and life changing events. It covers Hanna's life at University and afterwards when she has a job as well as various love affairs. Hanna loves music and she is lucky enough to find a job after leaving University. She's working for a music magazine and maybe her friendship with Tom, a famous musician, helped her to secure her a place.
Hanna is easy to like and to understand and I think her decisions in the book were actually good choices given the circumstances. She showed that she did not only think of herself. She also supported her friends and they supported her. Thank you Corvus for a copy of this great book. It was a lovely New Year's surprise. It was such a great read that I finished it in a day, which is always a good sign.

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