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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Finding Sarah by Wendy Lou Jones

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Review by Suze
After a nasty divorce Sarah moves into a cottage in Lower Nutton. She used to live in the city, but loves the peace and quiet of the countryside. Her two children are both grownups now, so she can make her own choices. She started her family at a young age and doesn't have much work experience. Fortunately she manages to find a job that suits her very well. She's having a completely new life and she likes it. Sarah also meets a man she admires and maybe even loves. When she finds out Nick is the local vicar she's shocked as she's divorced and there might not be a chance for them. 
Nick is a vicar who rides on a motorcycle. He's handsome and nobody has ever seen him with a woman, so he's the subject of a lot of gossip. He's well loved in the village and people often come to him for advice. Because of his work he doesn't date, but when he meets Sarah he can't help but breaking his own rules. His job as a vicar might be a big obstacle when it comes to having a relationship. Will Nick and Sarah have a chance at happiness together?
Finding Sarah is a heartwarming, charming and unusual love story. Sarah is insecure and doesn't know how amazing she is. Slowly she becomes stronger and more self-confident. She makes her decisions with her heart and I enjoyed reading about that aspect of her personality the most. Nick is a great man, but he also has a past and the result of that is that he sometimes acts before he thinks. He's a passionate man and the idea of a gorgeous broad-shouldered vicar on a motorcycle is fantastic. Even though he's bound to the church he doesn't constantly preach his faith. The story focuses more on the consequences of his job. I liked that angle very much.
Sarah and Nick are both wonderful people. I loved the way they are together and that made me fall in love with this story as soon as I started to read it. Wendy Lou Jones is a very good writer. She uses beautiful words and she creates a cozy and warm atmosphere with both the words she chooses and the way she uses them. The story has a lovely flow. I know from her other books that Wendy Lou Jones's stories always are surprising. In this book there's an unpredictable development as well. This unexpected turn of events fascinated me and I had no idea how the story would end. I couldn't put the book down until I knew. Everything in this novel is exactly as it should be and I enjoyed reading it very much. I highly recommend any of Wendy Lou Jones's books. 


  1. Nice review. This sounds like a book I could devour in a quiet weekend! Adding to my list!

  2. Such a lovely cover! I haven't read anything by Wendy Lou Jones but this looks like a good one to start with.

  3. A motorcycle-loving vicar sounds intriguing!


  4. I like romances set in small villages.

  5. I love the cover of this book. So pretty.