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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Fabulous Freebie: Significance by Shelly Crane

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Review by Anniek
Maggie's having a rough year. Her brother moved away for studies and work, her mother left her and her dad for no good reason and her boyfriend of three years dumps her shortly after this. She has always been a straight A student but now she doesn't care anymore. Ever since her mother left her father has been depressed and distant so Maggie has to make her own money to buy clothes, food and whatever she needs for school. When she graduates her father doesn't even look proud and Maggie is very hurt by that. She agrees to meet Kyle after his party so that they can go out. Kyle is a very good friend even though he would really wants to be more than that. On her way to Kyle's house she meets Caleb. Or more accurately she actually saves his life.
Caleb comes from a supernatural family. To attain his supernatural ability he has to imprint with his significant other. Imprinting hasn't happened in a very long time. Instead of looking at the road Caleb is checking Maggie out. Because of that he doesn't see a truck coming. Before he knows it he is pulled back and is lying on the pavement with Maggie. When they introduce themselves to each other they imprint. Caleb's family is over the moon and can't wait to give Maggie a proper welcome. It turns out that not everyone is happy with the fact that the imprint has happened though. The Watson family, a rival clan, will do whatever they can to stop Caleb and Maggie to gain their supernatural powers.
Maggie is such a sweetheart. So many bad things have happened to her at such a young age. I really felt for her. She deserved it to find Caleb. Someone who will love her forever and will never leave her. Shelly Crane really knows how to make your heart swell with her words. She describes perfectly what infinite love must feel like.
"I'm not going to scare her. She knows me, inside. She knows me, just like I do her, Kyle. It's exactly like they always described it. I can feel her heart beating."
Significance is an amazing story with all the elements I love. It has love and friendship mixed with action and paranormal abilities. I really recommend this book if you are looking for a perfect Valentine's Day read.


  1. I totally spaced on reading a romantic book today

  2. I feel sorry for Maggie already! It sounds like this has a good romantic plot with an interesting paranormal twist.