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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Fabulous Freebie: Bound by Brenda Rothert

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 Review by Anniek

 Kate is still in college when she finds out that she's pregnant. Her boyfriend Quinn doesn't want to have anything to do with the baby and leaves her to deal with her pregnancy on her own. After the first shock of being pregnant Kate is prepared to love and care for her baby even if she has to do it alone. Unfortunately she loses her baby when she is 18 weeks pregnant. Kate is filled with grief and blames herself because of the fact that she wasn't happy with her pregnancy in the beginning. She's moving back into her mother's house and life goes on, but Kate has no idea how she can live again instead of just existing.

Ryke is a professional hockey player. He got married at a young age. His marriage wasn't at all what he lets people believe. When his wife dies in a car accident he's mourning, but he isn't ready to see the truth. Their marriage wouldn't have worked out if she would still have been alive. Ryke is feeling overwhelmed with grief and is not moving on emotionally.

Kate and Ryke meet each other at a support group at the hospital. Ryke is immediately fascinated by Kate. When he finds out she is looking for a job he can't help himself and offers her the position of his personal assistant. Being together so many hours of the day stirs up feelings that were buried deep within. Can they both overcome their fear and pain to love again?

This story is beautiful. Yes, there are very difficult and emotional scenes, but even with these losses the story never becomes more than you can handle. Brenda Rothert has done an amazing job telling this heartbreaking story with respect and dignity. I could almost feel Kate and Ryke's emotions, it was as if I was going through them all. This book shows you that with strength and courage you can always find your way back to love.

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