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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Death Sentence by Sheryl Browne

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Review by Suze
Matthew Adams and Patrick Sullivan have a long history. Patrick is a bully who turned into a dangerous criminal. He's a pimp, he's dealing drugs and he's a cunning murderer. Matthew wants to catch him and lock him up for good, but he also fears Patrick. The man doesn't have any scruples and Matthew knows that his loved ones aren't safe. In his battle to catch this awful man his daughter has lost her life. Patrick wants to make Matthew suffer. He holds him responsible for the death of his brother and want to pay him back. Matthew's wife Rebecca isn't safe and Matthew can't protect her the way he should.
Matthew is after Patrick because he suspects him to have committed several murders. They've found the heavily abused dead bodies of some of Patrick's prostitutes. This time Matthew is going to catch him and because of his personal involvement he's willing to go far, to cross the line if he has to. It's a battle of life and death. Who will win, the good cop or the bad criminal?
Death Sentence is a gripping thriller about a sick killer and a wonderful and sweet cop. Matthew and Rebecca are a great couple. After the death of their daughter they're devastated, but they keep going. They open their home for Matthew's niece. Unfortunately they can't give her the safe haven Matthew wants to give her because of Patrick Sullivan. He's always near and he's keeping an eye on them. It's seriously creepy and I loved how Sheryl Browne kept building the tension and the uneasiness. It was like I could see Patrick Sullivan looking through my window.
Death Sentence is a book you shouldn't read at night, it's that scary. Sheryl Browne gives her reader the chance to look inside the bad guy's mind as well as the good guy's. I think that's an interesting angle. Patrick Sullivan is a creep who's seriously messed up. It was interesting to see what his motivations were and how his twisted mind worked. It kept me on the edge of my seat. If you're looking for a gripping, disturbing thriller, get this book, it's fantastic.


  1. Ooooh, Suze! I am so thrilled (and immensely relieved) you enjoyed Death Sentence! I'm thinking poor Matthew needs a bit of loving - and Patrick is definitely not someone you'd want to cosy up with. Eeek! Hope I didn't scare you too much! Thank you for this fabulous review, Suze. This has really made my day - particularly as I'm just on my final read through of last chapters of the next! One happy little author here! :) xx

  2. Sounds like you really enjoyed it. I wouldn't mind giving this a go.