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Friday, February 19, 2016

Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas

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Review by Suze
Anna has the chance to spend her Spring Break on Aruba together with a group of her friends. Their apartment is stunning, the beaches are amazing, so what can go wrong? Only then Elise, Anna's best friend, is brutally murdered. The two always shared everything and were as close as sisters. Anna's life changes into a nightmare when she and her boyfriend Tate are arrested because they're suspects. Anna's dream holiday turns into a horrible nightmare. She ends up in prison on the island and the only way to get out again is by proving she's innocent.
Dangerous Girls is a gripping read with an interesting plot. Anna is a suspect in the murder of her best friend. She had it all, friends, money, a great relationship and suddenly there's nothing left. Hardly anybody believes in her, but she has some very loyal support as well. The question is if she will be able to prove she didn't have anything to do with the horrible crime that has been committed. Will she be able to do that while so many people are against her? 
Dangerous Girls is a story with an interesting topic. There have been stories like it in the news the past couple of years. That makes this book extra intriguing, it could have been real. I kept having an uneasy feeling while I was reading it which made me race through the story. I couldn't wait to find out more and I loved the surprising ending, the perfect finale of a creepy and oppressive story. I wanted nothing more than to find out the truth and really liked the shocking outcome that Abigail Haas presents to her readers. Dangerous Girls is such a fantastic story, I highly recommend this book.

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