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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Coming Up Roses by Rachael Lucas

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Review by Suze
Daisy loves being outside and she doesn't regret her decision to retrain as a gardener at all. Unfortunately after a bad relationship she has nowhere to go, so when her parents leave their home to travel the world they allow her to stay in their villa. In exchange she'll take care of the garden. Steeple St John is a beautiful countryside village and Daisy loves being there. She doesn't know anyone yet when she arrives, but that soon changes when she meets Elaine and Jo. They soon become very good friends. Daisy also meets a friendly fellow gardener. Thomas is a pensioner who's worked on many gardens in the village. Daisy can learn a lot from him and Thomas shows her around. Soon the village starts to feel like home. Only village life isn't as quiet as Daisy thought it would be. Handsome men and issues with her parents are making her life pretty difficult...
Coming Up Roses is a wonderful, cozy book. I immediately loved Daisy. She's sweet and generous, a thoroughly good person. Sometimes she's also a little bit naïve, which leads to funny incidents. I love Rachael Lucas's subtle sense of humor. Because of Daisy's kindness the story is warm and comforting. Daisy likes to be outside and she spends a lot of her time with her hands in the earth. She doesn't think her appearance is elegant enough, but it comes with the job. Her friend Elaine is the exact opposite. Only being perfect doesn't automatically mean being happy. Elaine has everything, but she also carries a big secret. I couldn't wait to find out more about her. Then there's Jo who has a great daughter and a good job. She's down to earth and easy to talk to. She has her own problems though. There are some issues of her past that need to be resolved. Together the three friends can deal with a lot and that was amazing to witness.
Coming Up Roses has character. It's sweet and fun, but it also has a serious side. The story is well balanced. Steeple St John is a dream village to live in. It's a lovely romantic place and there are two gorgeous men who are in Daisy's thoughts. The question is if Daisy will find her mister right after all and I really liked the ending. For me the story worked so well because of what Daisy believes in. The people she loves and her passion for gardening are very important. She actively chases the things she wants in life. It's important to make your own dreams come true, which is a fantastic message. Coming Up Roses is a joy to read, it's a heartwarming story with a lot of character.

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  1. I'm strongly influenced by book covers, and wouldn't have read this just from looking at it. However, after reading your thoughts, I'd probably like it. I love to garden and would enjoy that story line.