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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Beached by Brenda Beem

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Review by Anniek:
Dylan and Toni and their friends have survived an enormous Tsunami, what happens next?
Before the group of friends sailed away their parents told them where they had to go. When they finally reach the island everybody is ecstatic. Only they didn't count on the resistance from the people who are already there. After the devastation of the Tsunami the climate has changed. People are fighting for their own survival and are not as friendly as they always have been. It really is everyone for themselves. The people on the island think that a group of teenagers can easily be overpowered, so they can take The Whistler (the sailboat), but to their surprise Toni and her friends stand their ground. Another journey has started...
I absolutely loved the first book in this series, Knockdown, from the very first lines. I was really excited to see if Beached would have the same hold on me. Brenda Beem has done such an amazing job writing this story. I believe every word she writes.
The fact that there's been a Tsunami and that there's the possibility of another one, made this story terrifying. Dylan and Toni and their group of friends are resourceful and they all have their own strengths. They are a very powerful group of teenagers who stand together as one. I felt proud when I read about the decisions they made together to survive.

When they reach an island that has a military basis, their cellphones begin to work again. The messages from loved ones are coming through. Who made it and who did not? Find out by reading this gripping, beautiful and overwhelming story. Beached will leave you stranded and begging for more.