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Friday, February 5, 2016

All the Stars in the Heavens by Adriana Trigiani

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Review by Suze
Alda Ducci is forced to leave the convent where she's helping with newborns because she isn't suited to be a nun. The convent makes sure that before she leaves there's a job waiting for her and it's quite a spectacular one. She'll be Loretta Young's secretary. All of a sudden Alda works in Hollywood, a world where different rules apply. In the golden age of the movies Loretta has a very successful career. Her love life is messier though. She keeps falling in love with the wrong men. She works with great actors and can't help falling in love with them sometimes. She makes movies with Spencer Tracy and Clark Gable and both men have a special place in her heart.
A big secret is threatening to come out and it would ruin Loretta's career. Alda is there to help her get through it and to make sure the truth will never actually surface. The movie world is tough and Loretta doesn't have an easy life. She will always have Alda though as their friendship is of the strong and lasting kind.
All the Stars in the Heavens isn't a fast-paced read. It's a book to savor slowly. I was in love with it from the first page. I loved reading about the 1930s movie world. It was fun to read about both the big stars and the people who work for them. I enjoyed reading about the work, the relationships, the drama and the friendships. I think Adriana Trigiani tells a beautiful story in a very special way. It's enchanting and she makes the story come to life so well.
It must have been quite a lot of work to put this novel together. I enjoyed witnessing Adriana Trigiani's thorough research. I loved every single detail. The subject is fascinating and it was interesting to read more about Hollywood and old movies. I especially liked Alda and Loretta though. They're impressive women. Their friendship is unique and for me that is the strength behind the story. Reading All the Stars in the Heavens requires a bit of an investment, time and attention wise. In my opinion this book is definitely worth it and the reward is absolutely amazing. 

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