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Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Sudden Crush by Camilla Isley

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Review by Anniek:

Joanna has it all. She's very successful at her job as an editor and just got married to the man of her dreams. She's on her way to the Caribbean for her honeymoon. Because of the fact that they were late for the check in at the airport it wasn't possible to sit next to each other on the plane. Joanna ends up sitting next to Connor, a rude guy. Her husband Liam is sitting next to a supermodel.
When the plane struggles with turbulence Connor and Joanna's seats are being ripped off. No one ever thought it would be possible that they survived. Waking up on a tropical island Connor and Joanna have to find a way to live together and to stay alive. Luckily the island has lots of fruit, coconuts and water. Connor is very resourceful and even manages to catch fish and lobsters. After a while they fall into a daily routine and so the months are passing by. When they are finally being rescued and have to deal with the real world again it turns out that not everybody has been waiting for their return...
I found the idea of this story hilarious. Camilla Isley has a wicked mind. Joanna is sweet, loyal and positive. She has no doubt that they will be rescued. Connor is rude and grumpy, but also really makes an effort to take care of both of them. The two of them on the island made me laugh several times. I could picture them going through their day-to-day business like it was just an extended holiday. It turned out that they each have a lot of knowledge which proves to be useful. Joanna knows how to clean their clothes and has a small medical background, Connor knows how to build things and manages to find food.
A Sudden Crush is an easy read. It is refreshing, hilarious and a must-read for everyone who wants to read something new. Camilla Isley knows how to tell a story without giving you the feeling you have read numerous books about the same subject. I fell in love with her way of writing when I read I wish for you and I had the same feeling while reading A Sudden Crush. The ending brought tears to my eyes and made me wish the story wasn't finished yet. I will absolutely be reading every book that Camilla Isley is ever going write.


  1. Really good review. I have my eyes on this book for a while now...

  2. Sounds just like the next book I want to read. Thanks for reviewing!