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Friday, January 22, 2016

The Stargazer's Sister by Carrie Brown

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Review by Suze
Lina's life in Germany is horrible. Her mother treats her badly and she's scared of her oldest brother. The only one who brightens up her days is her brother William. When he leaves home to live in England his letters are what keeps her going. Fortunately William rescues her and he gives Lina the chance to start a new life. William is a charismatic man, people instantly love him. He's a musician and an astronomer. Living with him and being able to share his exciting existence is what makes Lina happy. She has to work very hard, but she doesn't mind that at all. The stars are William's passion and Lina learns more about them than she could have ever imagined. Being his assistant means she has to become an astronomer too. When something suddenly changes the nature of their relationship they have to find a new balance. What will Lina do when she's no longer in the center of William's world any longer?
Lina is an intelligent woman. She's scarred for life and she doesn't think anyone will want to marry her. Which is fine as she wants to learn, she loves to study. I liked that a lot about her. She adores her brother and he's her whole world, he means everything to her. She sacrifices a lot for him and I thought she went too far sometimes, but there's also a reward. Lina's able to do her own work. She might not think she's as brilliant as her brother, but she's really smart. I loved that she also made her own discoveries. She definitely deserved a lot of credit.
The Stargazer's Sister is a book about two great minds. William and Lina are both gifted. It was interesting to read about these fabulous siblings. I loved the story and think it's a wonderful thing to mix fiction with history. It always makes me curious to find out more about a topic. I enjoyed reading about the telescopes and William's inventions. His household is unusual, but fascinating. The Stargazer's Sister is such a gripping story. Carrie Brown is a very good writer and I loved this book from beginning to end. 


  1. It's always good to read about siblings who get along.

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