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Friday, January 29, 2016

The Secrets of Happiness by Lucy Diamond

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Review by Suze
Rachel and Becca are stepsisters. They each live their lives and aren't very close. Rachel is successful, she has a great career and a perfect family. Becca is single and she hasn't been able to find the job that's right for her yet. Rachel doesn't like Becca very much and keeps her distance. That changes when something happens and Rachel doesn't come home one night. Becca gets a call and she tries to be there for Rachel's kids as well as she can until her sister comes back. Then she discovers that Rachel's life isn't as easy as it seems. What will happen when Rachel finally comes back, will they have a chance to make things right again?
The Secret of Happiness is a fabulous story about two sisters who don't have much in common. They're very different and when their parents got married it didn't mean they would become close. Rachel and Becca are both wonderful women and I immediately liked them. I enjoyed reading about both of them equally. I loved reading about the personal growth, about their jobs and their love lives. Reading about Rachel's children put a smile on my face, they're really sweet.
I like Lucy Diamon's writing style. I always feel like I'm watching the scenes as they've been described so vividly. Every detail is exactly right. I like how much attention she pays to both the big and the little things in life. For me that makes her stories complete. I like how the best and worst personality traits of her main characters define them in an equal manner. It makes them human and I often find them endearing. I love Lucy Diamond's stories, they're all heartwarming. The Secrets of Happiness is a great book and I highly recommend it.


  1. I loved Lucy diamond books. This is on my wish list x

  2. I loved Lucy diamond books. This is on my wish list x

    1. You will definitely like this one then, it's fantastic! x

  3. I've never read anything by Lucy Diamond. This sounds like a book I'd enjoy.

  4. I like when authors are very descriptive.

  5. I like books about sisters and tbis one sounds good.