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Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Birthday That Changed Everything by Debbie Johnson

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Review by Suze
Sally's husband leaves her for a 19-year-old Latvian lap dancer shortly before her fortieth birthday. Because she wants to do something nice for herself Sally books a holiday. Together with her two teenage children she's going to enjoy the sun in Turkey. Blue Bay resort is a wonderful place with even better company. Soon Sally has a bunch of new friends. She's now part of a group of people who are meeting each other every year. One of them is James, he's gorgeous and he's single. They have a connection, only it might be too soon for Sally to start seeing someone... And what will her next birthday bring, and the next?
The Birthday That Changed Everything is another great Debbie Johnson story. I laughed out loud several times. Sally manages to get herself into the most hilarious situations. She's absolutely fantastic. She stumbles through life and doesn't see how great she actually is which makes her endearing. She's a sweet person and she's easy to love. I liked the other main characters very much as well. They've all got their own quirks which makes them fabulous. Sally's foul-mouthed daughter is hilarious and there are several interesting couples. Each character has a story and Debbie Johnson is good at making them come to life. They're detailed and the descriptions are vivid.
Debbie Johnson is a great story teller and I like her sense of humor. I like her honest way of writing and her crude jokes. I loved this book from the start. The setting is amazing. I could picture the beautiful resort very well and loved the idea of a group of friends who are meeting each other there every year. It creates a strong bond between the main characters. It's all about the holidays, several years in a row. I got attached to these people very quickly and couldn't wait to find out what would happen to them. There's of course some sadness in the story, the balance is actually pretty good, but the funny scenes stood out for me. The Birthday That Changed Everything definitely cheered me up. If you're looking for a fantastic fun summer story, get this book. You will love it.


  1. Another great author and another great review. X

    1. This is your kind of book, I think you'd like it a lot! xx

  2. I love that you laughed out loud while you read this!

  3. The cover is so pretty and the story sounds good.