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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Suze's Top Books of 2015

Suze's books of 2015
It wasn't easy to make a list of my best books of 2015. I managed to read over 300 5 star books. I liked all of them very much, but there were several that stood out. That's why I decided to make a selection of the books that were the most memorable for me.
Shifting Colours
 A beautiful story set in two different countries about the huge sacrifice of a mother and her daughter's search for her roots. I found this story very impressive and I still often think about it.
The Seasoning
An original story about food and recipes with an unusual twist. It's because of the main character that I found this story so good, she's truly remarkable.
The Bell Between Worlds
A series about two different worlds that are separated, is a world filled with magic and the other one with technology. There are over 500 pages that are filled with action. It's a fantastic adrenaline rush mixed with skilled world building skills.

Another Man's Child
A historical romance about a girl who leaves her family behind for love. Anne Bennett is a fantastic story teller and I loved this story because of everything that happens to the amazing main characters.
Hold Me Close
A story about abduction. The main characters are scarred and their relationship is rough, but they have such a deep love and chemistry. There are so many emotional layers. The story is pretty intense and it won't be everybody's cup of tea, but it's definitely impressive.
Carrying Albert Home
A road trip with an alligator, what's not to love? Carrying Albert Home is a book I want to hug, it's very special.

Abook about a main character who sees the world differently from almost everybody else. It's such a brilliant literary story.
The Songbird & the Soldier
An emotional read about a complicated relationship. One that has big ups and downs. Real life can be tough, but also moving. The Songbird & the Soldier is a beautiful, moving read about true love. One you don't want to miss.
An impressive story about a small town that's going to be hit by something huge. I wasn't prepared for everything that was going to happen in this book. It managed to surprise me and it left me with tears in my eyes.

Blackfin Sky
A story about an unusual village where strange things are happening. I liked the mystery element of the story and if you like fantasy/magical realism you will definitely love this book. It's a good one.
We That Are Left
A story about a brave woman and a very romantic love in time of war. We That Are Left is brilliant. The writing is really good and I fell in love with the main characters straight away.
A Mother's Duty
A story about a woman who runs a hotel in Liverpool. I really enjoyed reading about her love life and her family. There's so much going on in and around the hotel. June Francis knows how to tell a heartwarming story.

A story about nomads. The main character meets a stranger and she falls in love with him, but she's already destined to marry someone else. Forbidden is a thrilling read, set in the desert. I found it interesting and captivating and I'm so happy the sequel will come out soon.
Me & Mr J
An impressive story about the connection between a girl and her teacher. This book brought me to tears plenty of times. It's confronting and brings out conflicting emotions.
The Visitors
A beautiful story about life on a small island. People disappear. The main character is a young girl who gets involved in something she doesn't completely understand. The combination of the mythical aspect of this story in combination with the small island life is such a good one. 

The Sparrow Sisters
A modern day fairytale about three sisters who are living together and who are running a nursery together. One of them has amazing healing skills, but something goes wrong and the whole town suffers. I'm a big fan of fairytales and Ellen Herrick's fantastic writing made me love this book very much.
The story of Lady Godiva, how it could have been and maybe even should have been. People know the legend of the lady who had to ride through her hometown without any clothes on. I admire Eliza Redgold's storytelling skills and I fell in love with this book as soon as I started reading it.
Crow Mountain
Two love stories, one set in the past and one in the present. Somehow they're connected. Both of them are amazing. I liked the history aspect and the theme, fighting for what you believe in.

The Red Notebook
A very special and unusual love story about a man who finds an abandoned handbag. He tries to track down the owner. Antoine Laurain's writing is fabulous and the story is very romantic.
A Year of Marvellous Ways
A story about a man with a mission who meets a remarkable woman on his way. Marvellous Ways is unlike any other main character in a book. She's someone every literary heart will love.
Someone I loved
A woman who's recently abandoned by her husband gets moral support of her father-in-law. He tells her his own love story which is really touching.

Moon at Nine
A story about an impossible love, something that could have grave consequences if anybody would ever find out. An impressive story with an emotional ending.
Of Things Gone Astray
A story about what will happen when you lose something you've always taken for granted. It leads to the strangest situations. It's creative and absolutely fantastic.
The Cure for Dreaming
A story about hypnosis and emancipation. The main character isn't allowed to be who she wants to be. She's strong and fabulous and tries to fight for what she believes in, I loved that about this book. Cat Winters is an amazing story teller.

Girl at War
A story about a girl who fought in the Yugoslavian war while she was still very young. It left me speechless. 
Pompidou Posse
A story about two girls who run away from home and end up in Paris without any money. The cover is cheerful and fashionable, but the story is about wrong decisions, alcohol and drugs, living a rough life and not knowing where the next meal is going to come from. The ending made me cry very hard.
Lost & Found
A little girl has been left in a department store. She wants to find her mother and gets help from two octogenarians. Sometimes a little girl can be wiser than an old man or woman. I loved this story, it's both sad and very funny at the same time.

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  1. Thanks for this, Suze, and congrats to both of you on a lovely new website. Looking forward to it. :)

  2. I am glad to hear that you like our website. Suze has put a lot of effort in it to make it look this good. Love, Anniek

  3. I really enjoyed Resist by Anne Rae Vasquez.

  4. I recommend the Dark Witch trilogy from Nora Roberts :)

  5. I really liked The Night We Said Yes by Lauren Gilbaldi

  6. I can't decide! My top three as far as newer releases are probably: "The Color of Our Sky" "Wriiten in the Stars" & "Edge of Lost" and I finally read "NOS4A2" which I liked a lot.

  7. Go Set a Watchman (Heinemann)

  8. I really enjoyed Dearly, Departed by Lia Habel. It was a bit unexpected twist on zombies.

  9. I liked November 9 because it was a bit different than typical NA books. You weren't sure what to expect from it.

  10. Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances by Neil Gaiman,because to be fair ,Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite authors of all time....but the book is very good!!

  11. Rebel Queen which is famous historical story about an Indian Queen who rebel against the British rule of India!! She even has a special army of female body guards that are both beautiful and deadly but devoted to this Queen!


  12. The Girl on the Train
    Rafflecopter username: Joana Bento

    1. You should read (if you haven't yet) The Night Circus

  13. I really enjoyed Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi.

  14. The Shatter Me series is a fantastic series. I read Shatter Me first and the next two also.

  15. Best 2015 debut book for me would be ONE OF THE ABOVE! It is such an important and informative book. I highly recommend it!

  16. I like the book somebody like you by Beth Vogt and more!

  17. The shatter me series would be great to read!

  18. I have lots on my list. I enjoyed the friendship tree

  19. Summer of the Oak Moon by Laura Templeton

  20. The Secret by the Lake by Louise Douglas, LOVED that book.

  21. Room by Emma donahue was my favourite book of 2015

  22. I haven't really read any NEW releases, but I dug into my bookshelves and found some great oldies that I really enjoyed! I loved my Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton!

  23. You should absolutely read King and Tyrant by TM Frazier.

  24. One of my favorite book was Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard and I recommend The Air He Breathes by Brittainy C. Cherry.

    Raffle name: Artemis Giote

  25. Go Set A Watchman - it's been a long time coming but was definitely worth the wait!

  26. Ditto! Watchman is a terrific read!

  27. My favourite book was The Song of Achilles and I think everyone should read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Thank you for the giveaway.

  28. I really enjoyed The Night Circus :)

  29. I feel like from 2015 City On Fire is an amazing book :)

  30. You've got to read Hannah Both Ways by Rosie Greenway.

  31. A 2015 book I really enjoyed was Rain Saga by Riley Barton.

  32. I recommend Ignited by Laurie Wetzel and Winter by Marissa Meyer. Thanks for the chance! (Valentina B. -on the raffle)

  33. I didn't read a lot of 2015 releases but I liked the comics Ms Marvel !

  34. Throne of Glass series, An ember in the ashes, the wrath and the dawn to name a few