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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Loving Her Crazy by Kira Archer

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Review by Suze
Iris is on her way to a wedding on a tropical island. She's looking forward to a lovely holiday in the sun. Only when she's in Chicago her flight is cancelled because of the bad winter weather. She's stranded, but she isn't alone. Fortunately Nash is there to keep her company. Nash is a very sexy cowboy and they instantly have a connection. They have one night together and they're going to make it count. Only why are they both wishing it could be more while they have only just met?
Loving Her Crazy is a wonderful winter story. Iris and Nash are great together. I loved their chemistry and easy chats. They're both a little reckless this one night in Chicago and that made the story fun. I constantly had a smile on my face while I was reading this book. It's flirty, it's sexy and there are a lot of great crazy scenes. Even though the weather is cold and nasty Iris and Nash are being adventurous. They have no place to stay, but Chicago is offering them a lot of entertainment.
Loving Her Crazy is a light and easy read. It's definitely a great choice for a cold winter night. I love stories about love at first sight and this is definitely a good one. Nash and Irish are both sweet people and I liked the way they treat each other very much. I think Kira Archer's Crazy Love series is great and highly recommend it.

1 comment:

  1. I'm more of a clean-romance reader, so this book would make me blush! There are times, though, when I really like a romance that has a stronger appeal.