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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Legacy of Greyladies by Anna Jacobs

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Review by Suze

It's 1915 and Olivia has lost her husband, he died in the war. She's now looking after the wife of her cousin who can't take care of herself. When her cousin returns unexpectedly because he's wounded Olivia has a problem. She doesn't like him very much and he doesn't treat her well, so she can't wait to leave. Fortunately her life isn't all bad as she has Babs who makes sure she has a social life. Babs introduces her to the Women's Institute and asks Olivia for her help. She also introduces her to a very nice man named Alex who is an antiques dealer. When Olivia arrives at Greyladies by coincidence a strange thing happens...
Phoebe is the current keeper of Greyladies. She has a feeling she won't be living there very long though which is strange as her stay has only just begun. There's going to be a new owner, she can feel it. The house is being used as a residence for German people, people who are doing their best to help the English government. It's never completely safe at the house because of this. There's someone who tries to get rid of the inhabitants. Greyladies is being attacked and Phoebe, Oliva and Alex have to do everything they can to save themselves and the house.
Legacy of Greyladies is the third Greyladies book. I loved this series and can't praise it enough. I immediately liked the idea of the remarkable house that's being passed on to women alone. It was great to read about the house itself, the inhabitants and the history behind it. I think Anna Jacobs has written fun and warm stories with special heroines. The three women who inherit Greyladies have things in common like red hair, common sense, kindness and a practical character, but they're also very different. I loved that aspect and enjoyed reading about all of them.
Anna Jacobs has a great writing style. It has a certain gentleness and her words flow easily. Her stories are feel-good, but they also have a serious side. They are so easy to love. The setting is wonderful, the main characters are fabulous and there's a lot of action. The Greyladies stories are fast-paced and enjoyable. I liked the strong and independent women a lot and the house itself is another admirable main character. These stories feel like a hug and I think they're absolutely fantastic.


  1. Thank you for your kind words, Suze. I'm happy to have given you - and other readers - pleasure.

  2. I'm interested in reading about this time period. I became fascinated with it by watching Downton Abbey!

  3. This sounds very touching!


  4. I'd like to read about these great ladies.

  5. An intreguing premise. Thanks for sharing