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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Guest Post & Giveaway: Coming Home by Melissa Frost

About Melissa Frost

Melissa Frost grew up loving young adult novels and continues to immerse herself in the current authors on the market.

In the fifth grade, she won a writing competition to work with children’s author Colleen O'Shaughnessy Mckenna, and it inspired her to write stories of her own. She never looked back.

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Guest post

Coming Home is about a girl who discovers who she truly is through the help of her new werewolf friend Devon. The release of this story got me to thinking about some of my personal favorite werewolf guys in fiction. Below are five of my favorites. This list obviously isn’t all inclusive, but it’s the five guys who sprung to the forefront of my mind.

1. Oz (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) — Yes, Buffy was a television show and that’s what it is most known for. But there were also numerous books published about the Buffy Universe. I was a mega fan, so I read nearly all of them. Oz was always one of my favorites, and the fact that he was played on the show by my celebrity crush during my teen years (Seth Green) did not hurt in the least! Even better than the books was some of the fanfiction out there. I could not get enough of the Willow and Oz fanfiction. 

2. Jacob (the Twilight Series) — Sorry Team Edward fans, but my heart belongs to Jacob. Now, I never saw him as boyfriend material for Bella so Edward fans can lower their weapons. I just liked the character in general. He had a big heart and was willing to risk everything to protect those he cared about. It wasn’t about the love triangle for me. It was about him as a stand-alone character. And for me, he delivered.

3. Fenrir Greyback (Harry Potter) — Fenrir?! Gasp! He’s a terrible, evil bad guy. I know. He did such dastardly things in the series. Fenrir was as nasty as they come, and that’s exactly why I loved him. I am a sucker for a good bad guy. In fact, to be honest, I think I could easily be swayed to the dark side. I love me some bad guys!

4. Damian Deshea (Vampires vs. Zombies) — Damian is from a series I wrote under the name Melissa Hosack. It might be a little odd to put one of my own characters on the list, but I’m adding him from a writing perspective. Damian is just so fun to write. He’s wicked and charming, but underneath it all he’s got a heart of gold. He’s so selfless and loveable. I keep testing him by throwing tragedy his way (It is the zombie apocalypse after all), but he keeps coming out on top with his morals intact. Damian is just … well, I think I have a crush. Move over, Seth Green.

5. Ari (the Maximum Ride series) — Now, I’m not really sure Ari was a full-fledged werewolf. He was a poor kid genetically modified over and over again to suit the whims of evil scientists. He was like a werewolf…with wings! Hairy and evil as sin, Ari tormented Max throughout the series. And just when Max wins and kills Ari, her father yells out, “He was your brother!” Oops. Not to worry, they cloned poor Ari and repeatedly brought back different versions to torture Max. Ari was good. He was bad. He was kind of in between at times. As a reader, I never knew what version of Ari was going to pop up, and I loved it! He was a wildcard in the series and a ton of fun. And let us not forget my love of bad guys.

These were a few of my book werewolf favorites. Going over these characters got me in the mood to read a few new werewolf stories. Share your favorites with me, and let me know what you thought of my list!

About Coming Home

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As a foster care child, Andi never stays long in one place. She doesn't have a chance to connect with anyone—until sexy, blue-eyed Devon walks into her life.

Devon claims to have known her birth parents. He’s even got a photograph to prove it. He shows up offering her everything she could ever want—a friend, a connection to her family, and answers.

The only problem is Devon’s friendship comes with a few complications attached. There’s the fact that he’s a werewolf, and then there’s the territorial clan out to start a war with Devon’s pack. What started as a simple journey to learn about herself turns into a dangerous road trip that could get her killed.

If she can survive, Andi just might get the answers that have been plaguing her, and she might just fall in love with her new furry pal along the way.


One very lucky winner will receive a $10 Evernight Teen gift card. Good luck!


  1. This book sounds very different. Do you believe in werewolves?

  2. Some of the stories out there with werewolves are too alpha for me. I agree with you I like the Seth Green type of werewolf.

  3. Question to the author: a character’s death that came as a massive shock?

  4. I was on team Jacob too! Love your guest post. Thanks. Love, Anniek

  5. Well, this does seem like stepping out of my comfort zone (haven't read a book with werewolves in a really, realllly long time), but sounds good and the cover is great.

  6. Question: Assuming that you've never encountered a "real" werewolf, have you met anyone and immediately had the sense that that person would have made a great werewolf?

  7. Question: What is your favorite book/author of all time? :)

  8. Sounds interesting. How long did it take for you to write it?

  9. Sounds great ! Love werewolf stories ! Is there a new book in the making ?

  10. I'm not very into shifters books, but this one sounds amazing!!

  11. Werewolf stories are definitely different than what I usually read, but I'm willing to give it a shot. The story sounds interesting.