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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Guest Post & Giveaway: Bad Timing by Nicky Peacock

About Nicky Peacock

Nicky is a published author of both YA and adult urban fantasy, paranormal romance and horror fiction. She lives in the heart of the UK, where she has run a writers' group for over 4 years to help new writers find their feet on the path to publication. A member of both the Society of Authors and the British Fantasy Society, Nicky has had over 30 stories published in various anthologies. Bad Timing is her second book in the Battle of the Undead series published through Evernight Teen. She loves to talk to readers, so please feel free to either get in touch with her through her blog, or on any of the social media below.



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Guest Post

5 Things you didn’t know about Nicky…

To be honest, I’m pretty much an open book, so if you’ve read any of my work or interviews, none of the below will be very earth shattering to you…but you never know.

I collect carnivorous plants. Ever since I watch Day of the Triffids as a little girl, I’ve been slightly obsessed with carnivorous pants such as Pitchers, Venus Flytraps and the incredibly hard to grow, Cobra Lilly. They are kind of hard to keep in the UK as they prefer hot weather, but I currently have 3: Bob, Kevin and Stuart. My goal is grow a massive one, but alas I can barely manage to get them beyond 15cm, but, in the future, I am hoping to meet an evil botanist who can show me how to grow monster plants!

I love a good ghost hunt. Living in the Midlands of the UK, I’m surrounded by rich legends and bone shaking ghost stories. I grew up listening to my mum and dad talk about their first apartment and the poltergeist who would stack their groceries up the stairs and would knock over their Christmas tree every time they left the room. Just up the road from where I live now, a headless horseman hunts the roads and a mischievous monk hitch hikes from town to town. I do love hearing the stories, but I also enjoy investigating them. Some day when I can find the time I’m hoping to write my first non-fiction book all about the specters that share my home town.

The hate the hairdressers. To me going to the hairdressers is just as horrible as going to the dentist. Stemming from a string of very bad hair-cuts from my youth; I now only go twice a year (which is why my hair is so long!) I fortunately now have a lovely hairdresser who takes very good care of me, but I’m still tense in that swivel chair and avoid it until my spilt ends become unbearable!

I always wear nail polish. My nails are always sporting a shade or two. I have over two hundred bottles that range from black to white and every possible color and effect in between. I’m not really sure where this obsession came from, none of my family are partial to nail polish, but one of the best things I ever bought was a plastic display case for them. I know it’s shallow, but just sorting the colors makes me happy! And there’s always new shades coming out in my favorite brands, so the collection never really ends.

For the last thing, let’s play: Kiss, marry, avoid with The Muppets…

I’d kiss Beaker. He’s always running around in a panic and has the worse luck. I’d really like to grab his little face, steady him for a moment and plant one on him – he deserves it.

I’d marry the Swedish Chef. I love food, so he could cook for me and I think we could have a lot of fun making a mess together.

I’d avoid Gonzo. He kind of comes across a bit needy and quite frankly there’s his worrying association with a large amount of chickens that’s rather off-putting!

So, there’s a few things that perhaps you didn’t know about me. Do you have a fun secret to share too?

Thank you for having me on your blog today! Nicx
About the books
Bad Blood

Battle of the Undead #1

“I am Britannia. I am your protector. I will fend off the hungry hordes of undead hands that reach toward you. I am your steadfast defender. I will stand between you and the zombie masses as they try to taste your flesh. I am strong, unyielding, and dedicated to your survival. All I ask from you… is your blood.”

A 500 year bloody game of vengeance will need to be put on hold if vampires are to survive the zombie uprising. Bitter enemies, Britannia and Nicholas must work together to save un-infected humans, delivering them to a stronghold in Scotland.

Unable to drink the zombie blood, vampires need humans to stay alive. But will they tell the survivors who they are, and what they want from them? Will Britannia be able to hold back her vengeance? Is survivor Josh the reincarnation of Britannia’s murdered true love? And can she bring herself to deliver him to the safe hold?

Survival instincts run deep, but bad blood can run deeper.

Buy Links: Evernight Teen Amazon B&N Print
Bad Timing

“You know now that monsters are real. Whether they have recently risen to reach for your flesh, or have chosen now to step from the shadows; you are surrounded by them. You also know that I am one too, but I’m all you’ve got and time is running out…”

There’s no rest for the wicked, especially in a zombie apocalypse. Britannia has used every vampire skill at her disposal to keep those she cares for safe, but with old enemies and unseen adversaries moving against her, she will have to push herself to both her physical and ethical limits to survive. Britannia is changing, but will it be for the better?

**Please note this is the second book in a series that should be read in order. **

Buy Links: Amazon Evernight Teen

One very lucky winner will receive a $10 Evernight Teen gift card. Good luck!
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Have you ever wanted to star in a YA book?

Here's your chance! In honor of the release of BAD TIMING, the second book in Nicky Peacock's Battle of the Undead series, she will choose and feature a character created by one lucky reader in the last book of the series, BAD KARMA.

Contest details here:


  1. The story sounds good. Reincarnation is a plus. So if a vampire gets bitten by a zombie does it turn? Love the Muppets comment. I like Beaker too. Also Pepe is one of my favs.

  2. I would go ghost hunting with you any night any time Nicky! Thank you for your great guest post.

  3. Question to the author: how did you come up with the title?

  4. Thank you for having me on your blog! And thank you guys for the lovely comments :)
    Mai T. - Bad Blood was in reference to the zombie blood that the vampires cannot drink and also the animosity between the two vampires, Nicholas and Britannia. Bad Timing is referring to the ultimate villain of the second book = time. Hope you enjoy reading them!

  5. The book sounds exciting and interesting. Will put it on my 2016 List of books to read :) Love the Muppets too.

  6. I haven't heard of this series but just added both books to my tbr list. These books sound really good. I LOVE The Muppets and totally agree with your choice of kissing Beaker. The poor guy needs some love.