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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Fire in Frost by Alicia Rades

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Review by Anniek
Crystal is just an ordinary teenager, at least that is what she thinks. When she sees a girl standing in the hallway at school she can't believe her eyes. This girl is dead, so there is no way Crystal should see her. Crystal tries to convince herself she is just imagining things. Although she did have an 'imaginary' friend when she was younger. Crystal thought it would be best to keep these things to herself, never thinking more about it than she had to. But she has to admit that she always knows who's calling or where missing things can be found.
When Crystal accidently walks in on her mother at her supernatural shop she has no choice but to tell her her what she has been seeing. It turns out Crystal isn't so ordinary as she always believed. She is a psychic and a very good one too. Olivia, the girl who died, needs her help before she can move on. Crystal will do anything she can together with her two best friends Emma and Derek to make sure Olivia can cross over. If she can find the evidence which is needed she will also be able to save another girl.
I have always been attracted to the paranormal. I love to read books about this subject. Alicia Rades made her story very believable. Crystal is a sweet young girl and her journey to understand her gift and to use it for good has been described really well. The cover is amazing too and that alone pulled me in before I even knew what the story was about.
Crystal and Emma wrote down predictions for the future. I am curious to see if some of them will come out in the next book. Fire in Frost has a great flow and I read it in one sitting because I didn't want to put it down. I highly recommend this book to all fans of the genre.  


  1. This sounds really interesting, and it's a book I've never heard of! Thanks for your honest review, I'll be checking this out! :)

    1. After reading Anniek's review I really want to read it as well. Thanks for your lovely comment. xx Suze

  2. I think paranormal stories are really interesting. This one sounds good!

  3. Sounds good. I love the blue of the cover