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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Fabulous Freebie: A Woman in a Million by Monica Wood

Amazon USA Amazon UK
Review by Suze
Ona is a very special lady who's just turned one hundred years old. She's nervous because of a driving test. She can still do everything by herself, but driving tests aren't easy...

A Woman in a Million is a wonderful short story about a remarkable woman. Ona has so much spirit and I immediately loved her. She's tough, she knows what she's doing and she has such a strong character.

I greatly admire Monica Wood's writing style, she writes beautifully. This story is short, but it's great and I look forward to reading The One In A Million Boy very much.


  1. Amazon says, "This title is not currently available for purchase." *Sad face*

    1. That's strange, I find it available for download on both UK and .com. But sometimes Amazon is different for different countries. I'm sorry you can't download it.

  2. I read this last night on your advice x

  3. I read this last night on your advice x

  4. Learning to drive at that age --- wow! Ona sounds like a very determined woman.