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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Crushed by Kasi Blake

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Review by Anniek:

Triplets Kristen, Brittany and Cyndi have created a game which they play together each year. The game is called crushed. With a love potion that each witch creates they crush a boy. At the end of the year the witch who has developed the most powerful crush wins the game.

The rules are simple, but this year Kristen, the winner of the game the last few years, crushes the wrong boy. She crushes Zack. The town's bad boy. What she doesn't know is that Zack is a very powerful warlock who is not touched by her potion. Zack has a secret of his own and he cannot afford this to come out. So he plays along, at least that is what he keeps telling himself...

Zack can't hide his feelings any longer and he has no choice but to give up his secret to Kristen, because for him there is no life without her. When the stakes are higher than ever and the sisters turn on each other they all have a choice to make. Will they choose magic or love?

After reading the first sentence of the blurb I knew I had to read this book. It said The Craft meets Pretty Little Liars. I have seen The Craft thousands of times and I am still watching Pretty Little Liars. This story delivers everything as promised.

Kasi Blake knows how to create a good story. The characters are strong and are very easy to relate to. Also, the surroundings are a perfect choice. I could easily visualize the places she describes. I always love it when a writer can do that for me. I loved this fast-paced story with all of its twists and the old, but oh so good, battle between the dark and the light.


  1. I haven't seen either of the shows you mentioned (The Craft, or Pretty Little Liars) so this would be a completely new concept for me. It sounds very good, though!

  2. This sounds like a fun fantasy. Added tp my TBR