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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Cold Feet by Amy Fitzhenry

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Review by Suze
Emma's about to get married to Sam. She doesn't have much family and her mother lets her know she won't come to the rehearsal dinner because of work. Emma isn't sure she's happily ever after material and keeps having doubts about her wedding. When her best friend Liv arrives to go on a pre-wedding holiday together they decide to go looking for Emma's father instead. Unfortunately during this trip Emma will find out the truth about quite a lot of things that have been kept from her. Emma would love to run away, but what is she supposed to do?
Cold Feet is a really good story about a woman who has a lot of insecurities, but is also very strong at the same time. I liked that about Emma. She's brave and she's smart. She doesn't have much family and the family she does have doesn't really seem to care about her very much. Fortunately she has Liv, her best friend is always there for her. Their strong bond is such a great part of the story, I liked it a lot. Together they're trying to find the truth about Emma's father and during their search two other big secrets are being revealed as well. I felt bad for Emma sometimes and wanted someone to give her a hug as she could definitely use a lot of them.
I love the cover of Cold Feet, it's really pretty. Fortunately this book can be judged by its cover as the story is lovely as well. Emma and Liv have a strong connection. They're both clever women who can make up their own minds. I liked that about them. Emma's journey is quite an emotional one and it was wonderful to see her grow. She hasn't got a strong family basis and she always felt like she was missing something. It's important for her to know her roots before getting married. I liked that topic and think Amy Fitzhenry has turned it into a great story.


  1. You can't beat a book that has some secrets to be revealed - good to know this one definitely lives up to that stunning cover.

  2. Adorable cover -- it really makes me want to read it! I also like that the best friendship between Emma and Live is part of the story.