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Friday, January 15, 2016

City of Light by Keri Arthur

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Review by Suze
Tiger is a déchet, a race created by humans to fight in the war against shifters. Almost everyone of her kind has been killed in and after the war, but due to her excelleng genetic makeup she's still alive. Tiger went into hiding straight after the war and has been living a secluded life, mostly isolated from the rest of the world, for decades. The ghosts of the déchet children that didn't survive the war are still around. They're keeping her company and they are her eyes and ears sometimes.
Finding a child in need of her help changes Tiger's life completely. Suddenly she has to deal with the world again and not only that, she has to face some awful danger to keep helping a group of people she didn't even know before she found the child. Tiger has to do everything she can to lead more children to safety, but it comes with a price. Is it a price she can actually pay?
City of Light is a story about an unusual woman. She might be a creation from a lab, but Tiger does have feelings. When there are children involved she has to do something to save them. She's tough, she's strong and she has some very interesting skills. I immediately liked her a lot. The world building is fantastic. I loved the idea of a world that has been altered by a war between humans and shifters. There are cities that need protection, all kinds of dangerous creatures are roaming the streets and nobody's safe. There are so many different species and it was fun to read about them. I especially enjoyed the importance of the ghosts in the story.
The fighting scenes are absolutely amazing. I loved the way Tiger manages to defend herself. There's a lot of action and the fighting in every action scene is different and very well described. The story is gripping and it's one big adrenaline rush, which is exactly the way I like it. I enjoyed the first book of this series so much that I am already counting the days until the next one will come out.

1 comment:

  1. Finding a child in need would spur me to action, too. Tiger sounds like a strong heroine.