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Monday, February 1, 2016

Built by Jay Crownover

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Review by Suze
Sayer is reserved. The cause of this character trait is in her past and what happened to her made her frozen, both on the inside and the outside. She came to Denver to be with her recently discovered family, to live close to her brother. Sayer is a lawyer and her whole life she's strived to be as successful as possible. Everything she does is to please other people. She's been doing that for many years and doesn't know any other way to live. Moving to Denver was a big step, one Sayer will never regret. Sayer's brother introduces her to Zeb who can help her with the construction work in her new house. She takes his offer and he lets her know he's interested in more than just her home. Although she likes Zeb, she isn't able to let him come close...
Zeb might seem like a tough guy, but he's also kind and has an amazing capacity to love. He has his own construction business and is very good at what he does, renovating old houses to make them beautiful again. Because he went too far when he wanted to protect someone Zeb has spent time in prison. He's determined to never let that happen again and to make something of his life. When he needs legal help he asks Sayer to do it. They have nothing in common, but they have an instant connection. She keeps turning him down, but Zeb is determined to win her over. Will Zeb's persistence and fiery character help to defrost Sayer?
Sayer might be closed off, but she's strong capable and absolutely wonderful. I liked that about her. Zeb has paid a heavy price for what he's done. He's a protective guy and doesn't want anyone to harm the people he holds dear. He loves fiercely and he shows his emotions. He's such a good man and I kept hoping Sayer would be able to let him in. They have an interesting story. First he works for her, then she works for him. They put everything they have to give into that work and it was really great to read about their passions. They are so well suited, but because of Sayer's background it isn't easy for her to step out of her comfort zone. Jay Crownover describes her pain and her suffering in such an honest and realistic way. Her writing is beautiful and I think a lot of people will recognize themselves in her descriptions.
Built is an emotional and gripping story about two people who deserve a really good life after everything they've been through. I couldn't read fast enough, I wanted to know what would happen to Zeb and Sayer. I loved their unusual names, their unique skills and their ability to love. It was fantastic to read about their personal growth. Built is a moving story, one that will touch the reader's heart. I loved this book very much.

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