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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Broken Dolls by Tyrolin Puxty

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Review by Suze
Ella is a doll, a living one. She loves to dance and she has a beautiful room. Someone called the professor is taking care of her. She doesn't know who she is and where she comes from, but she's content. That changes when the professor gives her a companion. Lisa is a goth girl and she isn't happy being a doll. She wants to harm Ella and she manipulates her. Fortunately the professor also introduces her to someone nice to play with, his granddaughter Gabby. Gabby likes Ella and she's looking out for her. Only Gabby is sick, very sick. The professor wants to turn her into a doll as well, but is that really such a good plan?
Broken Dolls is a unique story about a man who can create living dolls. They can't eat and they can't breathe, but they can talk, they can feel and they can think. I liked that idea very much. Not all of the dolls are happy and obedient like Ella though. Lisa is a challenge. She doesn't want to be a doll and she's trying to resist it with all her might. It was interesting to find out the truth behind the professor's actions. I couldn't wait to discover what it was.
Broken Dolls is a quick and wonderful read. I enjoyed reading about Ella's life and was surprised when I found out what happened. I liked that a lot. I think this novel is suitable for both adults and young adults. The writing is good, the story is entertaining and gripping and the ending is great. I really loved this unusual read.


  1. Dolls are really spooky to me, so this book would freak me out!

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