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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Becoming Nicole by Amy Ellis Nutt

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Review by Suze
Wayne and Kelly Maines adopt identical twins. Soon they discover that the twins aren't as identical as they thought. Jonas and Wyatt are actually very different. Jonas likes cars and superheroes and Wyatt likes dolls and fairytales. The Little Mermaid is Wyatt's favorite. They both like sports and they get along well. The twins are close, but they aren't identical. Wyatt thinks he's female and everything he does points in the direction that he's a girl instead of a boy.
Kelly soon starts to do research and finds information that makes her think Wyatt is transgender. She decides to support him from the start and to be there for him. Love is the most important thing there is and all the rest can be dealt with. Wayne has more difficulties with accepting the situation, but he loves his children and that is what matters most to him. It soon becomes obvious that Wyatt wants to live life as a girl and not as a boy. From then on Wyatt is Nicole. Nicole's family and friends see Nicole as the girl she is, but not everyone feels that way. Her time at school is far from easy and a long struggle starts for the family. They have each other though and together they are strong...
Becoming Nicole is a beautiful true story. Amy Ellis Nutt describes the story in an empathetic and informative way. The balance is great and I felt like I really got to know the Maines family. They fight for what they believe in. Nicole wants to be able to be herself and she and her family keep fighting for this. I admire their courage and determination. There were plenty of things that never even crossed my mind before I read this book. Like why it would be a problem for Nicole to go to the girls' bathroom. I wish things would have been easier for her and plenty of others in the same situation. 
Hopefully this book will educate people. Why should there be such strict labels? There's obviously still a long way to go and books like Becoming Nicole are very important in that process. I hope Nicole will have a wonderful future filled with people who love her and support her as that is what matters most in life.


  1. Wow, this is a very timely topic. It's so wonderful that Nicole's parents stood by her and supported her.

  2. We need more diverse reads. This sounds like a great story.