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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Another Love by Amanda Prowse

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Review by Suze
Romilly and David have it all, a beautiful home, great jobs and a sweet little girl named Celeste. Romilly is working as a scientist and she and David are very much in love. His wife and daughter are David's whole world and he does everything he can to be there for them. Unfortunately something manages to come between them. Romilly likes drinking and slowly alcohol is becoming more and more important in her life. The result is that the dream life she holds so dear starts falling apart...
Another Love is a beautiful novel about a woman who has an alcohol problem and her daughter who has to grow up in an unstable home. Amanda Prowse tells the story from two different points of view. There are short chapters about Celeste and longer ones about Romilly. I think that was a very good choice, it makes the story intense, it feels real and it moved me in more ways than I can express. It was very emotional to read the same story from two different sides. The writing is so vivid that I could feel every struggle, every mistake and every battle. Amanda Prowse writes about alcohol addiction with empathy, in an amazing sensitive way.
Another Love made me cry a few times. I shed tears for both Celeste and Romilly, for the sweet little girl who doesn't feel safe at home and for her mother who is messed up in many ways. I think Amanda Prowse has written a brilliant novel, one that left me speechless, because it's so impressive. The story is emotional, it's honest and it's absolutely heartbreaking, but there's also hope. I think Another Love is really, really good, it's a story that will stay with me for a very long time.


  1. Fabulous review. I have yet to read a bad one yet for this book. I must buy it.

  2. This sounds good - sometimes a good cry is just what's needed.

  3. I worry about what happened to David! Alcoholism runs in my family, and it can definitely ruin a marriage.