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Monday, June 11, 2018

Talented Artist - Tiffany Alba from Blow Me A Wish - Interview & Giveaway

Blow Me A Wish

About Tiffany Alba

I have been an artist at heart since I was very young. Over the years, this has included sketching, interior design, needlework, photography and jewelry design.

I have a passion for design and creating beautiful things and an obsession with color and texture. I'm eclectically inspired by vintage items, rusticity and nature; along with fun and outrageous styles like new wave, punk, and pop, all inspire me in my jewelry designs. With a professional background in Interior Design, I have a trained eye for design and detail.

I started collecting thoughts and quotes at a very young age, creating albums and collages with them. Now I am taking some of my favorite quotes to create beautiful, inspirational, and fun key rings! Whether for yourself, or someone you love and/or care about, I hope these key rings offer an expression that at times words cannot describe, or perhaps what you want to say is tongue in cheek!

During my free time, I love to spend time with with my husband and our beautiful children.

I am very fortunate to live in a beautiful area in Utah. It is reminiscent of the wild west, surrounded by beautiful mountains, untouched land, and fresh clean air. I am surrounded and inspired by the rustic, natural beauty all around me. I am an urban girl at heart who feels blessed to be living close to immediate family, wonderful friends and beautiful surroundings.

Happy looking, shopping and collecting!


I make all of my designs one by one so if you prefer different colors, or styles please feel free to contact me. I would be happy to design special items just for you!


Website // Urban Treasure Design // Forget Me Not Memorial // Instagram


1) Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself?

I'm Tiffany Alba, I am a stay at home mom and owner of several businesses, one being a gift shop on Etsy. I am an artist and Mom of three girls. We love cats and have a fluffy Russian Blue baby kitty (now big baby kitty) Oliver, who likes to be held like a baby and gives the best snuggles. My husband and I love to cook together, and I also love to bake, go to the beach and travel. One of my favorite things to do at home to unwind is snuggle up with a cozy blanket and a good book or movie.

2) What’s the inspiration behind your work?

I have always tried to find the beauty around me. When living on the East coast years ago, I pointed out to a friend the beautiful purple flowers growing just off the entrance of the freeway among the gray concrete. There is always beauty in our world, it depends on what we choose to focus on. Humor is always a good antidote for a difficult day, a special quote can bring meaning to the gray clouds that might be hanging over us, and a special memory can be captured in a special keepsake item as a reminder of the joy and love we have felt.

3) Where did you learn how to make jewelry, bookmarks, etc?

I am self taught. If there is a skill I would like to learn or refine, I research it and work on it until I feel I have mastered it as much as I can.

4) What does your work place look like?

I like to keep things organized as much as possible so that I can easily find what I need for each item I am working on. So it is neat and organized, but just messy enough to show my artistic mind; I am always working on new ideas.

5) You make bookish items, where does your love for books come from?

My love for books comes from my Mom. She was a superwoman who worked outside our home while also raising 6 kids with lot's of love, laughter, and quality family time. Any small amount of spare time she had to herself she had a book in her hands. She taught me very young how important reading is. I carried that into my own family, before having children I started collecting children's books in a "hope chest". We have used and loved those books a thousand times over and each of my kids are book lovers too!

6) Can you tell a bit more about how you started your store?

I had been making jewelry and special keychains as gifts for family and friends for years, which created a desire to share my love of wit and whimsy in a broader way. I had known about Etsy for quite some time but it took me a while to gain the courage to take the plunge and set up my shop, and it has been a great platform for me. My desire was to brighten someone's day with a special gift from their loved ones, or for themselves. We all need a reminder once in a while that life doesn't need to be too serious all of the time, or have a special quote that can be seen wherever we may go.

7) Where do you find the quotes you use?

I have always had my own personal favorites that I use and they also pop into my head. I also have a very witty daughter who comes up with some of them!

8) Your style is simple and personal with a lot of lovely white, why does it work so well and how did you get this idea?

I love the beauty in simplicity, it's not only timeless but adds a wonderful background for special quotes and keepsake items.

9) You love personal orders, what do you like most about them?

I love the personal touch that personal orders give. My favorite personal orders are when a customer would like to have a favorite quote or personal handwritten message that I am able to capture in the items I create.

10) What are your plans for the future?

I hope to continue doing what I am doing and continue to play a part in someone's smile or happy tears for many more years!


Handmade bookmark

One very lucky reader of With Love for Books will receive a beautiful handmade bookmark from Tiffany Alba.

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The winner will be notified by email and has 3 days to respond. All of our giveaways are international.


  1. Lovely creations! Thank you so much for this great giveaway :-)

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    1. I love to hear this, thank you John!

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    1. Thank you Judy, I am so glad you love them! They are such a fun part of my life to make :)

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