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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Small Town Love (Paradise Key Series) by Susan Meier - Book Review & Giveaway

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Review by Suze

After a devastating loss Evie's finally ready to leave Paradise Key and her best friends behind again to return to her career in television. Evie is a wealthy heiress with a complicated family history. She loves her job, but surprisingly doesn't get the chance to record any shows, because her father's being arrested for fraud and the station is protecting its name. Evie has to lay low for a while and decides to go back to Paradise Key. She feels at home there and her friends will be able to cheer her up.

To keep herself busy Evie accepts a job with her best friend. One of her tasks is recording a weekly video to promote Paradise Key's tourism starring the town mayor. Evie loves directing and is happy to be behind the camera for a change, but Pax isn't happy with the arrangement. Evie makes him insecure. He's a widower and for the first time he's having feelings for another woman, someone who's only in Paradise Key until her life has calmed down. When Evie becomes close friends with his pre-teen daughter Pax can no longer avoid her. Is it smart to give the woman of his dreams a chance or is Evie as dangerous for his wellbeing as Pax thinks she is?

Small Town Love is a fascinating romantic story. There's plenty of chemistry between Pax and Evie. It's clear from the start that they like each other a lot. However, Evie's stay in Paradise Key is only temporary and Pax isn't ready to date yet. They both have many obstacles to overcome and it was interesting to see what they'd do each time a new problem occurs. They have to face their feelings and that leads to fabulous reading material. I was anxious to discover if they'd find a way to make their relationship work and read the story in one sitting.

Susan Meier has a lovely warm writing style that immediately captivated me. Both Pax and Evie are successful when it comes to money and careers, but emotionally they still have a long way to go. I loved witnessing their journey. Susan Meier combines this fabulous development of a deep meaningful connection with amazing descriptions of the gorgeous Paradise Key. It's a safe haven, a fantastic island with beautiful friendly people. I loved reading about it and enjoyed every single sentence about this heartwarming setting. Small Town Love is a wonderful charming story with a terrific sweet ending.


If you love reading about small towns and challenging true love Small Town Love would be a perfect choice. It's the fourth story in the Paradise Key series, but can easily be read as a standalone.

About Susan Meier

Good morning! It's a beautiful sunny beginning to the day here in Western Pennsylvania. I'm working on my 63rd book for Harlequin. My 69th altogether, when I include books written for other publishers! And 73rd when I include the stories I published on my website. I'm very excited about that.

This August, I start a new series for Harlequin Romance, Manhattan Babies. The stories take place in the rarified world of high finance. I wanted to experiment with what would happen when extremely wealthy men found themselves with a baby. LOL I love stories about how love – real love – changes people.

My aim is to deliver a heartwarming story that reminds readers that family and love go hand in hand, and that deep down inside most of us are looking for home – more than a place to hang our hats, but a place to love and be loved.

Sweet, funny or sad, my characters make some serious lemonade out of their lemons! Because that's how I see life. I have three of whom struggled withepilepsy and passed away far too soon. Raising him taught me (and my husband and our other two children) that sometimes a situation that seems bad can have its blessings.

Also, being raised in a family of 11 kids (yes, 11) I learned a lot about sharing and how love encompasses more than just romance.

Having been with my husband for a long time, I still believe the best thing in life is romantic love. Being treasured, respected and wanted.

So settle in with a cup of cocoa and one of my books.

Happy Reading!


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